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laurazidane posted a photo.

my blue sista forever 💙 ¡te amo!

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my blue sista forever 💙 ¡te amo!

|❤️: 736,184 |💬: 45,183 |👤: sarahguardiola
|📍: Manchester, England |

sarahguardiola: te amo más hermana! I'm so glad you came to visit!💙
>>> laurazidane: of course! I had to!! I've missed you like crazy!
>>> sarahguardiola: we sound so pathetic😂 we live within 3 hours of each other
>>> laurazidane: lmao I guess we're the dorks 😂

masonmount: benwoodburn look how happy our girls are to see each other😍
>>> benwoodburn: they're killing the best friend game rn🤗

Not a long start but they'll get longer!

This story is dedicated to my blue sister (although we support two different shades of it) ramosmcfc !

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