Chapter 18

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Sorry for not Updating Everyday. I haven't been feeling good :( but i made a longer chapter just for you guys :). I will start updating as much as possible again. I am going to my grandmas for a week and will be painting but will update asap. I may get another Chapter up tonight.

Riker's POV \o/

We finished playing Say You'll stay and got off the stage. When we got off Kelly and Chelsea walked up to us. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss on her forehead. They started playing music from a stereo surround sound system.

“Fifteen minutes and you're up Chelsea.” the principal called. She nodded and turned pure white.

“Are you going to be okay?” Rydel asked, putting her hand on Chelsea's shoulder. She nodded and took a drink of water. “You don't look so good.”

“I'll be fine.” she replied. “Just nerves.”

“You were fine the other night. What happened?” Ratliff asked.

“I mean almost all of you had heard me sing before and I knew you wouldn't judge. What if they boo me off stage?”

“You will be fine. Just remember look at us if you get nervous. Besides we will be playing right next to you eventually.” Ross replied. She just nodded again and took another drink of water. Within fifteen minutes the water was gone.

“I would like to welcome to the stage Chelsea Rose. She wants you all to know if you want to request a song just come up and ask.” the principal announced and walked off stage. Chelsea walked up to the stage and grabbed her guitar.

“This first one is kind of old and it's called I love Rock n' roll.” she announced and started playing. Everyone at the dance cheered and started singing along with her. The crowed really warmed up to her. It was amazing, it was like everyone forgot about the rumor and embraced her talent. The odd time she looked over at us. One of us would smile and she would be fine. She played a couple of more songs before it was our turn to do AVPM.

“Everyone, I would like to invite Riker and Rydel to the stage to do a song from Starkid's A Very Potter Musical. This is Different as Can Be.” she introduced as Rydel and I took the stage.

“You can do Voldemort.” she whispered before walking back to her mic. Rydel started to play as I started my line. Everyone started singing along and I couldn't help but smile. I took my mic from the stand and started to interact with her. We finished the song with our back together. Everyone cheered and everyone started coming up and requesting songs from AVPM. We did Get Back to Hogwarts and Voldemort is going down before playing her song.

Chelsea's POV ;)

Well it was now or never. If they liked my song I would write more if they didn't then I wouldn't.

“This next song is an original I wrote a few years ago, but didn't finish until recently. It's called I Will Always Love you. It goes a little something like this.” I announced. I was nervous, we didn't practice there version of the song. They started to play and intro to it and Riker nodded when I was suppose to sing.

What did you do when we lost

Everything we've ever known

Double crossed

By someone who was supposed to be true to you?

That's when I lost it all

I couldn't believe you could sink so low

You cut me and broke me down

That's when I started to crawl

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