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|| i hope you like these two edits I made! And the phrases are from We find love- Daniel Caesar ||

|| i hope you like these two edits I made! And the phrases are from We find love- Daniel Caesar ||

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(I love this song)

Months later

We were walking down the street, holding hands. We'd become closer this last year. I'm happy life was good.

I got a scholarship in,not only football but from the arts program as well. I was going to be starting college this upcoming semester.

I had thought about asking her to marry me.

Are we too young? What if she doesn't want to, we had talked about it but..

"What are you thinking about babe?" She looked at me.

"You" She smiles and I smile back at her.

"I love you!" She kisses me cheek.

"I love you too" She smiles and pulls me along.

We end up in a ice cream parlor. We find a table outside and sit down. I looked at her face, she had a lovely smile. I felt a smile start to appear on my own face. She makes me happy! What can I say?

Maybe I should get a ring before I ask her.
Or you could ask and go look together.

I feel her hand grab mine.

"Let's go to the fair, please!"

"Oh that's right, I totally forgot it came into town this time of year."

We left the parlor and drove to the fair. I used to come when I was a kid but after I become a teenager I stopped.

But if she wanted to, I'd take her.

At the fair

"What do you want to do first."
She looked around.

"The rides!" She ran pulling my arm with her.

They buckle is in and she squeezed my hand.
" I'm kinda scared."
" don't be, it will be fun."
Then the ride starts and we are slowly spinning. Then it gets faster and faster I couldn't even turn my head to look at her.

But I could hear her laughing and yelling about how much fun it was.

It made me smile.

After we got on pretty much all the rides we decided to eat.

We ate curly fries, ice cream, Cotten candy, hotdogs etc.

Then I saw a photo booth.


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