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"I'm so done!" Michael shook his head as he sat with his best friend, Grace, in the living room of his Neverland mansion. "Lisa broke her promise to me," he looked at Grace, who had been his friend since they were children, with sad eyes.

Grace sighed, resting her hand on Michael's shoulder. She desperately wanted him to notice just how much she loved him, but she could never tell him - it would ruin their friendship, or so she thought.

"I'm sorry," Grace sympathized.

The issue at hand was that, Michael's current wife - Lisa Marie Presley, had broken her promise to give him children. Initially, before the two were married - Lisa had promised to bear his children; but once they were married, Lisa's tone had changed.

And it broke Michael's heart because he wanted children dearly.

"I know it's hard," Grace rubbed Michael's back. "But you'll get through this,"

"I need to have children,' he ran his fingers through his hair. "I'll lose my mind if I don't. I want little angels to call my own,"

"So what are you suggesting?" Grace frowned.

Michael sighed and shook his head. "Debbie had...offered to be a surrogate mother for my children with Lisa. But now..."

"Michael..." Grace raised an eyebrow.

"I'm going to have my children with Debbie," Michael sighed. "It's abrupt, I know - but I know no other way to say it,"

Grace's heart broke upon Michael's words, but she wasn't brave enough to say anything about her feelings. And so with a sad smile, she nodded.

"I'll support you all the way,"



A year had passed since Michael had decided to have children with Debbie, in fact - he had married her as well, but only so that the children wouldn't be considered illegitimate. Grace, who was deeply in love with Michael, stood by his side the entire time. In a way, Grace was Michael's rock.

However, Grace had begun suspecting foul play on Michael's part. Despite the fact that he was married to Debbie, he had been seeing Lisa - sexually.

Grace thought that this was utterly unfair, and so one day - she decided to ask Debbie about it. Debbie, on the other hand, had told Grace that she didn't mind at all. Debbie regarded herself as just the surrogate.

After that encounter, Grace had decided to go and see Michael.

"Hey," Michael smiled when he opened the front door, only to frown when he saw Grace's furrowed eyebrows. "What's wrong?" he stepped aside to let her in.

"Are you having an affair with Lisa?" Grace turned around to face Michael, making his jaw clench. "Are you?"

Michael shoved his hands into his pockets, looking down. Grace sighed and walked up to him.

"Are you-"

In the blink of an eye, she was cut off by Michael's lips on hers. At first, she was shocked - and as much as she hated to admit it - she loved it. The way his lips moved with hers, was purely magical.

However, she kept in mind that Michael was still married. She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes.

"Michael..." she trailed off, looking into his eyes. "What do you want?" she whispered. "Me? Or a hopeless affair?"

Michael shook his head, letting his silence speak for himself. At that, Grace teared up and grabbed her purse, walking out of the house - and out of their friendship.



Grace stood with her good friend, Aya, as the two of them waited to move up in the line.

What line, might you ask?

A line to Michael Jackson's Invincible album signing event. After very much of a struggle, Aya had finally convinced Grace to accompany her to the event.

Grace, however, planned to keep her head down and remain unrecognized. As the line moved up, Grace looked at Aya.

"I need to get some air," Grace whispered just before she heard Karen say her name. Karen Faye, Michael's makeup artist, had recognized the young lady.

"We need to get out of here," Grace pulled Aya's hand - only to be stopped by another hand. When Grace turned around, she saw that Aya had let go of her hand, and that Michael was now holding onto her hand instead.

With sincere eyes, he looked into Grace's own as everyone stared on in awe. Eventually, the magic took over, and they kissed. Michael was sorry, his choice was Grace. His choice would always be Grace.

"Forever," he whispered against her lips, shaking his head. "I'll love you forever,"

I am the worst writer anyone has ever seen.
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This one was for my sister -GratefulVi-
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