"Stick To The Occasional Titan."

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been watching 1000 ways to die on Netflix... i think im a sick person...


Perci groaned, bored outta her mind. There hadn't been this much drama in her life since....well...Leo. Gods she missed that fiery ball of cockiness. He was the Repair Boy and he was so much fun. The black haired beauty could use a laugh. Or a pranking buddy.

Bruce ran a hand through his salt and peppered hair, "The guy's not wrong about Loki. He does have the jump on us."

Tony shrugged, "What he's got is an ACME dynamite kit."

The demigoddess nodded, then cackled, "It's gonna blow up in his face, and I'm gonna be there to watch it. After I kick his ass of course."

The billionaire smirked at her.

Banner smiled, "And I'll read all about it."

Perci shook her head, "Uh-huh. Or you'll be suiting up like the rest of us."

"Ah, see. I don't get a suit of armour. I'm exposed, like a nerve. It's a nightmare. Even the twenty year old has armour," He gestured towards her.

She gasped dramatically, "I'm twenty-one thank you!!!"

Tony rolled his eyes at her and tapped his reactor with a pencil, "You know, I've got a cluster of shrapnel, trying every second to crawl its way into my heart. This stops it. This little circle of light. It's part of me now, not just armour. It's a... terrible privilege."

"And I was told I was gonna die at the age of sixteen," Both men stared wide-eyed at her and her cheeky grin. "What?" She said carelessly like she hadn't just said she was supposed to die.

Bruce cleared his throat and turned his attention back to Tony, "But you can control it."

"Because I learned how."

Perci put her hand up, "Same."

Get slightly frustrated, Bruce said, "It's different."

The Doctor moved away to once again face his monitor screens, but Tony slid them away so they were looking at each face to face, "Hey, I've read all about your accident. That much gamma should have killed you."

"So you're saying the Hulk... the other guy... saved my life?"

Hopping off the bench, Perci moved to sit beside Bruce and placed her hand on his arm, a kind look on her face, "Yeah. He did. The Fates wanted it to be so, or you wouldn't be here today."

But the man snorts, "That's nice. It's a nice sentiment. Saved it for what?"


Perci had left the lab after Tony kept going on about random equations and it just messed with her head. She hated Math so much!! She stood next to Phil, Thor only now appearing out of nowhere. A picture and profile of Sally Jackson, visible on the SHIELD monitor in front of them.

"As soon as Loki took the Doctor, we moved Sally Jackson. We've taken her to an excellent facility next to a beach. Private plane, very remote. She'll be safe."

"Thank you, Phil. It's no accident Loki taking Erik Selvig. I hate not knowing what he'll make him do. Erik is a good man."

"He talks about you a lot. You changed his life, Perc." Phil turned to Thor, "And you changed everything around here."

"They were better as they were. We pretend on Asgard that we are more advanced, but we... we come here battling like Bilchsteim."

The agent looked at Perci, who shrugged, "Like what?"

"Bilchsteim? You know; huge, scaly, big antlers. You don't have those?"

Perci shook her head, "Don't think so."

"They are repulsive, and they trample everything in their path."

The demigoddess massaged her temples, "Thanks, but I think I'll stick to the occasional Titan. Empousai and hellhounds. They're much more fun. Love their witty commentary and you can just tell by the way they walk that they're egotistical assbutts."

The blond God walked over to one side of the ship, to look out the window, lost in his thoughts. Feeling the bond that the two had had before he left, Perci followed and placed a hand on his cheek, softly caressing his face. Thor looked into her sea green eyes, his gaze piercing and sorrowful.

The demigoddess's hand dropped and he mourned the loss. He sighed and face Coulson, "After our last visit to Earth, Loki's rage followed me here and your people paid the price. And now again. In my youth I courted war," The blue-eyed God turned to Perci once more, "And you were caught in two wars in your sixteenth and seventeenth summer."

She just shrugged like it was no big deal, trying to downplay how much it had hurt to have lost so many friends.

Nick Fury approached them with a dramatic entrance to rival Zeus's.

Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody could beat the King of Drama Queens.

"War hasn't started yet. You think you can make Loki tell us what the Tesseract is?"

But the blond shook his head, Perci falling silent, "I do not know. Loki's mind is far afield, it's not just power he craves, it's vengeance upon me. There's no pain that would prize his need from him."

"A lot of guys think that until the pain stops."

"What are you asking him to do Nick?" A frown creased Perci's brow, not wanting to know the possible answer.

The Director's gaze flickered between the two until finally resting Thor, "I'm asking...what are you prepared to do?"

Confused, the God said, "Loki is a prisoner."

"Then why do I feel like he's the only person on this boat that wants to be here?"

Silence flooded the room.


After a home-cooked meal at Sally's home, Thor came into the lounge room to find his betrothed cuddling her seahorse cushion, softly snoring. The sight made a small smile spread across the God's face.

Lady Persephone's face, so at peace and free from any and all stress. Sally believed that his presence had chased away the nightmares.

Her mother stepped lightly from the laundry room to find Thor gazing lovingly at her daughter. The woman had always wanted Perci to meet someone who would love her unconditionally. And though the marriage was... unconventional... Sally could already see her daughter's walls crumbling down with having the blond God around the apartment, them steadily growing closer.

Thor kneeled before her carefully and gently pulled her close, cradling her. His blue eyes gazed at her face with such...love, before blushing bright red when she buried her face into his chest. He then carried her off to her bedroom.

It made Sally smile, despite the tears welling in her eyes. Finally.

Finally, Perci could have a happy ending.

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