Chapter 2 Doctors Appointment

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Izuku: Excuse me are you okay? You're not hurt are you?

?: No I'm fine thank you for defending me

Izuku: it's what heroes do. I'm Izuku Midoriya, what's your name?

Momo: I'm Momo Yaoyorozu nice to meet you.

Izuku: Well Yaoyorozu I'm glad you aren't hurt I have to go now since my quirk activated I have to got to the doctor to register it.

Momo: okay I hope we meet again another day.

As the two kids left Izuku's father called Inko to tell her to head to be doctor to see what kind of quirk he developed.

As Hisashi and Izuku got to the doctors office they waited to be called then Inko showed up and as she walked in it was Izuku's turn to see the doctor they ran tests when they concluded the tests the doctor came with the results.

Dr.Yamada: your son has a quirk it will manifest soon.

Hisashi: it already has manifested we wanted to know if you've seen it before.

As Izuku powered up the symbiote completely cover his body except his head

As Izuku powered up the symbiote completely cover his body except his head

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Dr.Yamada: I've only heard of this once before a similar case appeared but I happened in America.

Inko: Is this his quirk what is this?

Symbiote: Allow me to explain, I am a being called a symbiote

Everyone was surprised when a tendril formed a face and began to speak.

Izuku: Hello symbiote

Symbiote: hello Izuku, now to explain i came from outer space I was on a meteorite when I crash on this planet I searched for a host and found this boy. You see my species is a peaceful one but if our host is corrupt then they shall corrupt us.

Hisashi: What do you want with my son?

Symbiote: I want to fulfill his dream of being a hero.

There was no guile found in the words of the symbiote everyone wasn't so convinced but Izuku felt the words symbiote spoke were true.

Izuku: hey symbiote I didn't know I had these tendrils they look like whips.

Symbiote: well these can be used for combat purposes offensively or defensively.

Izuku began to mutter the adults found it cute but what Izuku was doing was trying to find a name for symbiote (muttering muttering) when it hit Izuku like a brick

Izuku: Whiplash, lashing lasher. Symbiote may I call you Lasher?

Lasher: if that is what you wish from this day forth I'll be known as lasher

The doctor then labeled this symbiote quirk as Lasher the appointment ended and Izuku was happy and so were his parents when they arrived home they prepared the small feast for Izuku's birthday when the food was ready Izuku rushed to the table his mother bringing in his birthday cake while his father photographed the event.

After they ate it was time for gifts Inko presented her gift it was the latest AllMight action figure Izuku was extremely happy to receive this gift. Izuku's father didn't know if his son would like the gift he was about to give him

Hisashi: Izuku I've got this special gift but I'm not sure you'll like it.

Izuku: Anything from Dad has got to be a great gift.

This tugged at Hisashi's heart and so he handed his son a necklace with a locket and Izuku looked confused

Hisashi: this necklace is special

As Hisashi opened the locket there on the inside of it was a picture of his mom and dad the other side was empty. On the outside was inscribed "With great power comes great power comes great responsibility"

Hisashi: one side is empty because that's where you'll put a picture of you and a special someone every time that it's opened it will remind you why you fight the hardest when you become a hero.

Izuku: I love it dad thank you! But what does this saying mean?

Hisashi: Izuku you've been blessed with this great power the great responsibility is to be the hero that people can count on when they are in need.

Izuku: I promise to try and be the best hero I can.

That afternoon flew by quickly it was 8:00pm and Izuku was ready for bed as he fell asleep as he thought about everything that happened today.

(Lasher's mind)

Izuku I promise to help you reach your goal it will be a tough road but I'll be there to help you out.

Sorry for the short chapter hope you all enjoy it.

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