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oh no Naruto

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Here you guys go like I promised though sorry if this chapter is really bad but I at least tried any who here ya go
Rated mature audience only :)
Naruto's POV

I woke up next feeling really hot like I was over heating as I whimpered and curled into myself I felt movement from beside me along with the most wonderful scent ever.

I looks over to see Sasuke who was getting up "Naruto" he asks as I felt a shiver go down my spine when he said my name I didn't know how to respond to him but what I did know was that I wanted him and his Cubs.

Sasuke started to sniff the room a bit until I rolled on my back and exposed my neck to him while whimpering.

He sniffed my scent gland as I let out a noise.

He pulled back quickly confused at what was going on "n-naruto" he says I let out a whine and soon my older brother kyuubi had ran in and quickly dragged Sasuke out of the room I whimpered not wanting him to leave me as I whimpered "Sasuke~" I whined.

As I watched the door close I couldn't move I felt to weak I wanted my alpha back.


Sasuke's POV
I was so confused on what just happened as kyuubi sighed heavily and looked at me "he's in heat Sasuke" he says I tilted my head a bit but I soon caught on to what he was talking about and covered my face as I started blushing.

"What....what do I do" I asked "nothing just stay away from him for a week ok" kyuubi says petting my head as i growled and looked at my door but listened and sighed.

Kyuubi went into my room and the amazing smell had came back until it disappeared again and I whimpered wait what.

Shaking my head I leave and head down stairs to the living room and sat down sasukie poked his head from the corner and smirked at me "what" I growled "soooooo were's your little kitten" he asked I rolled my eyes at him.

He chuckles as he walks over to me and puts a hand on my shoulder "hey it's alright just......."
"Finish that sentence you your life ends here" I said while glaring at my twin who chuckled and backed away.

Itachi had came down stairs holding Akio  and Akira "kyuubi says your not allowed upstairs nor is sasukie" he says I nodded "wait what why" sasukie whined "cuz know you you'd probably forget Sasuke was down stairs and bust the door open" Itachi says to my now pouting identical twin "he's right your even to oblivious that if I was to disappear you wouldn't notice unless Naruto says something or Menma or anyone of our friends" I said leaning back on the couch.

"Maybe you should just ma....." Before sasukie could even finish his sentence kyuubi was glaring at him from the top of the stair case his eyes glowing dangerously at him.

I sighed and shake my head "unlike you I got patents" I said "what" Itachi says looking at me while Sasukie was praying for me to he quiet his ears lowered and tail between his legs soon Menma came down stairs "what's going on here" he asks "just talking about how you and sasukie already mated" I said and smirked at my twin who looked at me with betrayal as Menma blushes madly even though kyuubi already knows this due to what happen last time I debout Itachi knows this information "oh ya" kyuubi says I looked over to his as the redhead walked down the stairs his tails swaying dangerously lowly to the ground but didn't touch any of the steps that he was walking down.
(I don't remember his I gave the house 2stories or 1story)

Third person POV

Sasuke got up and went to leave the 6 together but was stopped by itachi who gave him Akio and Akira before he could leave.

With Naruto
He was whimpering while curled up in a ball holding one of sasukes jackets close to him in his nest.

He wanted sauske and Sasuke only but he only saw his older brother kyuubi.

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