Chapter 9

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(Keith's POV again, sorry)

I was the next day. I was sitting in my bed. I looked over at my window the colors in the morning sky were nice to see. I had fallen asleep while watching the older mothman episodes. I got up and put on some ripped jeans and a black hoodie. About 20 minutes pass.

"Knock, knock" I hear someone talking, muffled but, I hear them.

"Hello?" I look over at my window"L-Lance?" I bolt out of bed and dart towards the window. I opened it. 

"Hey mullet" Lance is crouched down on my window sill. 

"My rooms on the second floor Lance. How'd you get here?" Look over the window. A dagger  was stuck to the window sill, and there was a rope tied onto it, He smiled.

"Do you trust me Keith?" He reaches out his hand. 


"Tell me princess, when you last last let your heart decide?" He sings 

"..." I put my hand on his. I smile at him. "Aladdin, nice freckles" 

"Well, I thought we could hang today" he smiles. We're still holding hands, I blush "Hold on" he pulls me into his arms. He was holding me bridle style. He grab onto the rope and Sid down. We see Shiro walk into my room once we hit the bottom. He yanks the rope. The dagger fell. Shiro looked over the window. 

"GIVE HIM BACK! LANCE!?" Shiro yells. Lance was still holding my hand. Things happened so fast. He smirks and yells back

"NO WAY TAKASHI!" He pulls me close so his arms are around me. He pulls me into bridle style again and continued to run. 

\\they get to the city//

"What the hell just happened!" We stop at a cross walk. He puts me down. 

"We *huff* ran *huff* well I *huff* ran to *huff* the city" he took long breaths in between each word

"Yeah, I know that. But why did that seem right out of a romance movie?" 

"Well, I wanted to take you to all my favorite places in the city."

"Like a date?" I joke with him. We cross across to the other side. We continue to walk and talk.

"If you want it to be" he smirks 

"Huh sur- I mean- umm" I fell my face turn a bright red. And my palms felt sweaty. 

"Ok, it's a date" Lance smiles. I pull my hoodie to cover my blush. I stuff my hands in my pockets like a stubborn kid. "Don't be shy Keith" Lance puts his hand on my back. 

"Wait, what about Allura?" I ask

"Oh, well.. Don't tell her I'm out with you. She wouldn't like it." He gives me a nervous smile

"Ok, ok I won't. But, is this cheating?" 

"No, we're not dating. To be honest, I hated our date. She just talked about herself" he laughs then sighs "anyway, it's gonna take awhile to get to the arcade. So I have questions Keith. Number one, whats the backstory of the TV"

"Oh, well sit- walk- wait.. Um" I stutter 

"Just anwer the question." He ruffles my hair "but, you can take your time"

"Ok well, Shiro installed it when I was 15. He was dating Adam at the time. They built it for me. It has no News. Only Netflick and Bamakon (Bamakon is Amazon). He didn't want me watching the news. That's why I only use a IPod, and it has no internet. Only music." I smile.

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