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In a world of quirks everything seems possible for a child, but even then children now some things are impossible. Sadly for Izuku all of the other children did not believed he could become a hero without a quirk. It's simply impossible for a boy with his “condition” to do anything. He is after all useless, worthless deku. Nothing more than a waste of space.

“Huh!?! You still think you can be a hero,” screeched a young katsuki “what part of you being useless do you not get deku!!!!”

“W-who s-says im um,” izuku started of weakly slowly dying out his voice “i..w..k a-and”

“Huh did you say something!?!?” “Can't even stand up for himself.” “How much more pathetic can he get?” these were sadly the nicest jeers he heard from his peers. However one voice stood out above the rest.

“Hey hey why don't we teach him a lesson he'll never forget?”

That one person who would soon be forgotten from people's memory started the living hell called life of Izuku Midoriya.


Inko Midoriya was a sweet housewife.

She was known as a kind person who would give a million chances to anyone. Despite what people think no Inko was not oblivious to what's happening to her son. She doesn't bring it up for the fear of breaking their relationship. Said relationship being in a fragile state after indirectly telling him that no he can't become a hero.

Inko is simply waiting for her son to come to her. Sadly that moment would not come until he had already broken but that's a tale for another time.

One thing Inko did not like where the bruises and burns her son came home with. She would ask who did that to him but Izuku would simply say he fell while playing, Katsuki accidently burned him or the other kids were roughhousing and i got hit. They were believable lies even when she knew better.

Inko simply believed everything he told her. It's izuku he never lies. Even if she did call the preschool and Katsuki’s parents.


Izuku however became a liar he got practice at school and at home. He didn't like it but he had to lie. Or Katsuki would get in trouble and he would get hit even worse. He had to lie he told himself, he had to if he wanted to survive.

Before he turned five he became an expert liar. He no longer stuttered when he lied, he knew better than to use the same excuse to many times, he learned. Learned to much on how to lie when he shouldn't of had to but what can he do? In a world that tosses him aside as garbage what can he really do?

He can try to survive but that's about it.

After all Izuku Midoriya learned how to lie at the age of 4.

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