[Chapter Eight]

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[Luc - Nathan Halliday]


"Girl you better love what you got,

Before you go,

And give it away."



After we were kicked out of the shop, we rushed back to the car and hurried to get back home. I had no idea what had come over me, but the thrumming inside my body was yearning for more. My body began to ache for Luc's touch once more, screaming at me for everytime I was too far from his presence.

The moment we pulled back to the manor, we quickly made our way back to my bedroom -- slamming the door behind us as I leap onto the bed and waited for him to join. He smiled down at me, pulling off his shirt and climbing onto the bed. Once he hovered over me, he reached out and tucked away a stray piece of my hair behind my ear, still smiling. His fingertips just brushed my skin, leaving a small trail down the side of my face.

Leaving his hand there he cupped my cheek while letting his thumb softly smooth over my skin. Just the gentle feeling left me wanting to sigh in bliss, it was so comforting and soothing.

Closing my eyes, I leaned into his hand. I felt so at ease, and then the bed moved and Luc moved too. His presence became closer, as I felt his other hand cup my other cheek, leaving me in between both of his hands.

Without even waiting, I pressed myself towards him meeting his own desperate lips. His hands dug themselves into my hair as he pulled me even closer. The kiss was gentle, until I grabbed him by his neck and forced him closer to me, our bodies squishing every curve and groove against the other.

The kiss then accumulated into something fierce and passionate. Prying my mouth open, he slipped his tongue in tasting everything I had to offer. Moving his hands from my hair he wrapped them around my back, pulling me onto his chest as he was now under me.

Straddling his hips, I took my hands and placed them on his chest. He broke away, to breathe, making me rise with every heavy breath he took.

My hair hung around my face as I looked down at him. Not even taking a moment to think it over, we both simultaneously grabbed for each other to kiss again. This time, Luc's hands gripped my hips and he slowly started to grind himself against me. He slid the sleeve of my loose shirt off one shoulder, letting it droop down to expose more skin.

Hungrily ravishing the newly exposed skin, he left my lips to meet my shoulder instead. I dug my nails into his sides, showing him how much this was effecting me. I never really experienced this for myself, the other time with Adrik was primarily lust, this was so much more different.

And as our passion grew, so did our actions.

 Luc held me close to him, as I was clinging onto his chest that softly rose. His hand started to trace lines on my bare back, a tickling sensation crawling on my skin everytime he did.

"Luc," I whispered.

"Yes, love?" He said, not stopping his grazing hand.

"Why do you like me?" I questioned, moving a little so I could look into his deep blue eyes.

"I don't like you," He laughed, kissing my forehead. "You don't like someone when you make love. You love them; obvious as it is."

"So, you love me them?"

"Of course." He whispered. "What is not to love about you?"

I was going to retaliate to his answer but I couldn't, mainly because a servant walked in on us holding a letter on their hand.

Luc immediately stopped trailing his hand, leaving me to gape at the servant who started wide-eyed at our display.

"There was a letter for you, sir." The servant girl squeaked, leaving it on the closest desk and quickly ran out.

I looked up to see Luc with a blank face. Frowning, I moved away from him and was surprised when I noticed that he didn't even argue about it, so I went looking for my clothes. Pulling on my clothes, Luc sat next to me on the bed while holding the letter.

After reading it he quickly threw it to the floor, and groaned in frustration while covering his face with his hands.

"Luc," I said, touching his arm gently.

He removed his hands and looked at me, "Adrik is coming home early."

I jerked my hand back, eyes going wide, "What?" I gasped.

He got up, scrambled to get the letter, then gave it to me.

Noticing Adrik's handwriting, he stated that he was to come back home early after a quick resolution in the meeting, and that he wanted to talk to Luc.

"What do we do now?" I whispered.

"I have to go." Luc said, pulling his own clothes on.

I nodded without saying a word, then went into the bathroom and fixed myself up. And when I was about to leave with the towel in my hand, I saw him standing by the door.

"I'm so sorry, Nadia." He breathed, holding my face between his hands, then leaned down to gently kiss me, as a sort of parting.

"Why are you apologising, everything is fine." I mumbled around his lips.

Watching him savor the taste of our kiss, then walk out the door left me breathless. I had never felt or experienced anything as I did today with Luc. Never had I felt my heart race with just one smile, or see the humor in his eyes. I had never felt so loved under the scrunity or his gaze, even just by a simple caress too. Once I was changed into regular nightwear, I pulled the covers off the bed and sat there, dreading for Adrik's return.

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