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Spoiler- they'll be some drama and a cute moment you should look forward to!
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Yesterday was a drag...God what an experience; at least now I know Jungkook's roommate is a good person, she seems sweet.

Tae on the other hand-
Ah I don't know why and I curse myself for saying this...but when he was fighting yesterday...the look in his eyes the way he moved so swiftly...

FUCK he's so darn attractive!
What's happening to me?!

Yeah he's a childish mess but once he snapped he SNAPPED!

I feel bad for that Chad boy; I'm joking he fucking deserved it no sympathy given!

Today we're back to competitions which is good I'm looking forward to it!
I'm having an early start so I'm not gonna bother for Taehyung to wake up.

It's kinda weird how we sleep in the same bed; I would've swore he'd be some pervert and try to touch me.

I trust him now though cause if he was a total creep he would've done something to me by now.

Great logic, am I right?

I'm glad he's become nicer around me...before he used to treat me like shit.
Well he still does but not as shitty?

He's like those tsundere boys I've seen in anime; aggressive and mean on the outside but deep down I know he's a sweet fluffy puppy that just wants love!

U-Uh yeah anyways!

Since I've woken up early I want to wear something cute! I'm going over to Jimin's dorm room and see if he's going to practise for the competition today!

Jimin~ what a nice name...he's always been so popular but still stuck with me.
I'm so lucky to know him!

I threw on a baby pink skater skirt and white hoodie tying my hair into a neat pony tail, waiting for Jimin outside his room.

I was patiently waiting, rocking back and forth on my toes until I heard a loud door slam; the sudden noise startled me my eyes looked at the source.

"H-hey you scared me!" I groaned with a smile; hey what's wrong with making new friends!?

There was a few seconds of awkward silence; I wanted to observe the boy a little.

He had fluffy mint green hair and a cute rounded face with a sharp jawline.

I kept staring at him until he spoke;
You were staring uncontrollably-

It's a habit...I can't help it.
He's really handsome though.
Hey! He might be my soulma-

"Ok that's nice." He replies with a uninterested expression before strolling nonchalantly towards a chair on the balcony; swiftly grabbing a white leather jacket tying it around his waist.

WHAT'S with guys and LEATHER?!

"Hey I'm talking to you!" I groaned again a little irritated by his behaviour.

He rolled his eyes before answering me.
"Who are you? You waiting for your boyfriend or somethin?" He asked tilting his head softly to the side.

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