Travel in Dream

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Sitting in balcony
Looking at outside ,
Feeling like silk scarf
But Wind blows away,
Oh dear,
Memories appear in it.
Oh God , this pains.
Blow it away.

Walking in street
Weather is pleasure ,
Feel like fresh drops
in my cheeks
Oh dear,
Dance in rain shower.
Oh, those days
Bring back again.

Boating in River
Water is glittery,
Feeling like mermaid
When I saw fish
Oh dear,
Touching the water wave ..
Oh , miss your smile.
This is blue heaven.

Lost in forest
Silence is Peace,
Feeling like bird
I saw  robin
Oh dear,
Smell some the flowers..
Oh, you're so sweet.
This is realistic.

I'm in beach
Hot cold sands.
Vanish my footprints,
Scary Voice of waves
Oh dear,
Make a sandcastle..
Oh, lots of happiness
Collect some Shell.

Climbing up the mountain
Pine hide in the white ,
Feeling like in top of world 
All over Snow White
Oh dear,
Make a snowman..
Oh , you are great.
This is cold trip.

I'm in dream
Your voice is amazing,
I Woke up at morning
Feeling like soft cloud
Oh dear ,
having a cup of tea.
Oh , sweet dreams.
Don't tell anyone dreams .


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