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"kevin hyung! stop!!" hwall whined, "just because you're older than me doesn't mean you're allowed to eat my food without permission!"

"I eat what I want when I want." kevin bluntly told, stuffing his mouth with hwall's chips.

"you're so mean, I'm telling hyunjae!" hwall threatened, but kevin rolls his eyes without a care.

"what is he gonna do? say I'm uglier than him and leave."

chanhee shook his head and pursed his lips, "wouldn't be surprised if he did. I'll bet five bucks."

"my money is worth more than just a bet." as hwall flipped his hair. "I'll tell jacob then, then you two will never get married!"

chanhee choked on a piece of peach he was currently eating, "e—excuse me!"

"hey, now that's serious. we got to get married." as kevin pointed at hwall.

"married! what the fuck you guys are really thinking about the future?" chanhee said in shock, his eyes widened. "damn..guess I should really get my life together.."

"wear a wig, get implants and be a stripper." hwall suggested, "you're lowkey a hoe so just make it your job."

"you're talking about younghoon you dumbass!" chanhee then threw a nearby plastic fork at the boy.

"yeah, but younghoon is too tall and doesn't have a feminine body. you would make more money than him."

"that's even worse! I'm not using my looks for money, get a fucking sugar daddy or something."

kevin shook his head, "hwall just get a sugar daddy and quit dance. your life will be much easier."

"if I get a sugar daddy then I want a sugar daddy who won't touch me." hwall pointed out, their conversation was then ruined by younghoon who joined their table.

"shouldn't minors not know those words? that's quite inappropriate."

"have you ever heard of sarcasm?" chanhee questioned with sass.

"I wasn't sarcastic." hwall then said, younghoon gave a disgusted look, "I need money, I don't want to be a poor college student."

"shut the hell up hwall you're like the richest bitch in this school."

"you right, I am a bitch and rich." he then sipped his apple juice and gave chanhee the middle finger.

"you are too young to be exposed to bad influences."

"yeah chanhee you're a fucking bad influence get out of my life." hwall then pushed chanhee off his seat.

"if murder wasn't illegal I would have stabbed you thirty nine times."

"why thirty nine?"

"three for march, nine for your birth date. it tells everyone, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN FUCKING BORN!"




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