diecisiete | beso

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Translation for Spanish words
used in this chapter —

Beso — kiss
Te echo de menos — I miss you


— slight mature content ahead —


Jeon Jungkook expected Aeri to freeze under his sudden kiss, to even throw him off, take revenge in taking an action so daring.

But the girl did the exact opposite of what he'd thought out.

Those ruby red lips accepted Jungkook's, moulded into his as if his mouth was made for hers and no one else's.

Slowly, with his fingers still at her jaw, he tilted her head slightly to gain better access, to fully experience what kissing the greatest woman to walk on Earth would be like.

And his answer was there.

It was perfection. Perfection at its finest level, perfection at its purest tier, as her mouth tasted like wine and ecstasy all mixed just for the two blushing lips that did all but blush.

For Aeri Alvarez didn't back down when she kissed him back. Gave him more than his budding expectations, grew it into a tree of desire she was hell bent on burning down.

The rain still fell, still hurled on them both as they continued the beginnings of their amorous passion, mouths moving quicker, both of their histories on this dance of lust kicking in.

Jungkook, grip tightening on her waist, tentatively opened her mouth through his, a silent invitation to let his tongue slide in and caress the workings inside.

A deep, reverating sound grew out. The boy nearly shat himself when he realised it was from Aeri's throat, no doubt trying to repress the moan that just emitted from her.

Hands firmly pressed on his chest, she opened her mouth a little wider, her own tongue now swirling ecstatically along with the boy's, teasing, taunting, challenging him to go further.

Why, she should have thought before daring to suggest such a request, for Jeon Jungkook knew nothing better than to please women to the point of no return.

Jungkook was about to go deeper when another shrill voice screeched out into the rain.


Instantly the couple broke the kiss, possibly due to Aeri bursting out laughing over Yoongi's atrocious high notes. Jungkook, too turned on by the girl in front, absolutely pissed, turned his head towards the gate, and screamed.


Hoseok's loud ass cackling could be heard even through the crashing of rain, the guitar picking up its smooth pace.

Jungkook, finding their mouths now shut, faced Aeri again, hoping the two idiots outside his house had not destroyed the one moment he'd been waiting for the months.

He first felt the uneven rhythm of her chest. Short, panted breaths gasped out of her, her lips gracing a glossy shine, courtesy of his tongue.

A little scoff escaped him. She was breathless. The very cycle of her inhaling and exhaling stertorous from the valiant efforts Jungkook kept up.

Slowly, her head tilted upwards, locking eyes with the boy.

The hazy lust misted into them, she trying so desperately hard to dampen the desire, the very emotion begging to flare right out of her.

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