069| Survival

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Tears soaked
We brush past each other
Like nothing ever

Red stained
We crawl over each other's
Wounds scratching
The blues

Ignorant minds
Pretend to know more
Than they actually

Wild thoughts
Run without leash
Under their skins

But they lie and hide
What supposed to be
The truth because
It hurts

They push the buttons
To agitate the souls
Just to feel

In the death of each other
They pick out the ashes
Gaining another second
To exist

The blood pouring out
Is a medicine
To their own

Lingers in their fingers
A devil sent from hell
Waiting to find a prey
To savour

We shove away thousands
Every single day
Just to make space
For ourselves

This is how we survive
In the longest run
Until stones make us

And we fall.... recklessly.

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