Imagine #3.-Counting one two three..(part one)

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Yusei's POV:

" For the last fucking time, I didn't do anything with her! " I yelled, getting out of my seat, punching the table in front if me, while looking at my 'not-so-wonderful-girlfriend-right-now' sitting across from me.

She glared at me and crossed her arms and legs.

" Didn't look like that tonight. She was always around you, hanging on your arm and pushing me away. I understand she's your friend but come on! " Well that's partly true..

" lf she's your very good friend you know her, right? How can you not tell that she likes you? It's completely obvious! " she yells and gets up too glaring at me.

" I'm sick of this crap. " I walked to her and pinned her to the wall earning a yelp to fall from her lips.

" Y-yusei " she gasped and I put a finger on her mouth silencing her.

" I'm gonna count to three. And if you don't stop saying what you did for last half an hour...well I warned you " I smirked as she got a scared expression on her face. She actually has no idea what i mean, but her tongue is quicker than her brain and she couldn't stop it.

" No i won't! You'll explain what was she- "

" One "

" Doing hanging around your arm all night- "

" Two " I smirked more waiting for her to finish her sentence.

" and you pushing me away but staying with her! "

"...three " her eyes widened and I pushed my chest againts her own and pinned her wrists above her head, completely trapping her.

" I warned you, princess " I kissed her and she squeaked not expecting it and I took that chance to slip my tongue in her mouth exploring it.

She moaned and put her hands in my hair tugging on it earning a groan from me. I then aparted from her and looked in her eyes.

" Do I need to punish you more? "She nodds quickly making me chuckle and lean to her, my mouth barely touching her ear and spoke softly.

" What do you want me to do? Tell me " She purred and punched my arm.

" Y-yusei dont tease " I smiled but didn't move.

" I'm waiting for an answer, honey " I glanced at her face seeing it's completely red as she burries it in my neck.

" I w-want you to...dammit Yusei just do something! " she hissed as I kissed just under her ear and then gently nip on her neck searching for her soft spot.

I knew I found it when she yelped and tugged at my hair even more and I smiled, then continued to tease her and mark her mine.

" Yusei..." she moaned breathlessly and I get to her ear again.

" Jump " I whispered and she did, I catched her and put her legs around my waist holding her on her thighs pushing her back against the wall again.

" What do you want me to do now? " I spoke so close to her ear making her shiver against me. I know i'm driving her crazy like this,but i want her to show me her dirty side, I know she has it, she's just too embarased to show it.

" Why do you make me say it-ah " I put my hand between her legs and gently went up and down causing her hips to push against them.

" Yus m-make... " she blushed madly " make me cum please i can't take this " she lowly said,as if scared someone beside me will hear it.

" Roger that " I said and carried her to the couch and put her on it laying on top of her. I kissed her neck again while putting my hands under her tight, red dress and pushing it up revealing her legs and stomach.

I kissed her stomach going all down her legs, then came back and gave a kiss to both her inner tighs before pulling her dress off completely.

" Y-Yusei... " she moaned and I looked up in her eyes with a smirk plastered on my face. I crawled on top of her again on my hands and knees, my one leg between hers and my hands on either side of her head.

" What is it, babe? " I pushed my leg thats between hers a little and she whimpered, from pleasure of course. "You cant take this, hm? Well why dont you be dominant or something? Speed this up a little? " I whispered in her ear and nibbled on it after.

I knew she's wet enough already, but I just enjoy teasing her. She looked at me through half lidded eyes that a smirk? She grabbed the hem of my shirt and pulled it up half of the way, and ran her fingers across my abs lightly, making me push my leg even more between hers.

She moaned and closed one eye, I know she wont be able to take much more of this and I smirked at that thought.

" Y-yusei-ahhh " She kissed me and slowly pushed me up so I was on my knees, and then pushed me on my back still kissing me. I smirked in the kiss and ran my hands up and down her back.

She aparted from me and stopped my hands removing them away from her. I gave her a confused look as she pinned my wrists above my head with one hand and petted my cheek with the other hand, smiling evily.

" There youll see how it is to be tortured babe~ " she purred when she said 'babe' and I could feel myself getting excited. She started to move her hips against mine, she moaned and I bit my lip trapping all little sounds inside me.

She smirked and let go of my hands, just to put her hands under my shirt and push it up almost painfully slow. I groaned that ment 'hurry up!!' but she just chuckled and continued to draw circles on my stomach. She pulled my shirt off and started kissing my chest, going lower and lower until she got to my pants.

She moved her lips away then and her fingers playfully dipped inside my pants, pulling them down just a tiny bit. I was enjoying every bit of this. I proped myself on my elbows and watched her intensively.

She was quick to pull my pants off, leaving me only in my boxers. She could be so sexy when she wanted to be...

Her hand made her way to my erected member and rubbed it through those damned boxers, and I was so close to the point where I was going to just take her right here and right now. I was so lost in thoughts and pleasure, I only now noticed nothing is holding my hands. But when I tried to move them, I couldnt even move a finger. " Nicole... " I growled as she chuckled. "What is it, babe? " she whispered in my ear, mimicking my action from earlier, her rubbing becoming more intense each second.

I can't.. take this.. anymore...

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