Its a surprise

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Im in love with this horrid man.

I gazed up into his cinnamon eyes, they threatened to drown me with their intensity.

«Why dont we get some fresh air.» His velvet voice twirled around me, soothing my frazzled nerves.

«I dont mind a walk around in the garden.» The ghost of a smile flittered across my face at the prospect of leaving my indoor prison and walking out into the outdoor counterpart.

I closed my eyes as the warmth of his hand found my cheek, his touch making my chest warm.

«I had something else in mind.» I opened my eyes again, and searched his face which gave nothing away.

«Like what?» I whispered, my mind running over ten diffrent scenarios all in one single heartbeat.

«I think that I am just going to let it be a surprise.» I watched as his lips curled up at the corners, his dark eyes glittering with mischief.

Should I be exited or scared? I never really knew with him. My body chose for me, choosing to succumb to the latter emotion.

I let him pull me up to my feet, my stomach was still twisted in angry knots because of the earlier events. Red scarlet rubies dripping down from twisted gnarled fingertips was still seared deeply into my mind. I took a deep breath, trying hard to clense my mind of the horrid image, to clense myself of the dark thoughts connected to it.

«Relax love, I promise that you will enjoy it.» His lips found my left cheek, right after his calming words had glided around me, capturing me in their warm embrace.

«Why dont you go and change into one of the dresses I bought for you, and I will get the rest of the stuff we will need in the meantime.»

His inviting lips just a mere breath away from my own made my heart skip several beats. My lips parted in anticipation of a kiss that never came. I watched his retreating back with regret as he walked away from me, my heart filled with longing for the man I should by all rights hate.

I found my way back into our bedroom, and changed into a black and white polkadot sundress. I put on a white cardigan over the dress, and was about to walk out into the hallway again to find him, but his towering form blocking the doorway glued my feet to the floor, I couldnt move.

His dark gaze swallowed me up, the heat in his eyes making my cheeks flare. His long legs ate up the distance between us. My breath hitched as his hands forced me to turn around, the warmth of his flesh pressed firmly against my shoulders seeped through the thin fabric of the cardigan.

«I could just eat you up right now.» His breath tickling my ear accompanied by the hoarce tones of his voice made my core fill up with liquid heat.

I opened my mouth to reply, but the white fabric suddenly blocking out my light stopped me dead in my tracks. He had just blindfolded me again. I stood patiently still as he wrapped the white gauze several times around my head, slightly puzzled as to why he decided to use gauze instead of the black blindfold he had used earlier when he first brought me here on his bike.

I let him lead me out of the room. My body tense in his arms. I was all to aware of his warm hands pressed against my sides, as he tenaciously guided my every move from behind.

«Careful, there is a small step down here love.» The sudden boom of his voice made me jump, and I almost lost my footing, but his warm hands gripping on to my side steadied me, kept me safe.

«Stop.» My body followed his command before my mind even registered the words. I bit down on my bottom lip, quietly holding my breath for what was to come.

His hands left my side, and I felt so lost without any indicator of his presence. I felt lost without him, without his dark beacon guiding my way in the black sticky ink which surrounded me. The sudden soft click right in front of me almost had me reaching out for him, reaching out for his guidance, for his comfort. But I held myself back, my hands slightly trembling at my sides.

I let go of the breath I had been holding when his hands landed on my shoulders. I let him guide me closer to him, and down into the front seat of what I soon realized was a car.

«Where are we going.» My voice a bare whisper as he bent over me and fastened my seatbelt.

«That my dear is still a secret.» Mirth trailed through his voice almost like a fine red wine spilling over the rim of a crystal glass.

I frowned as he put a hat on my head, and closed the door between us, sealing me away.

«What is the hat for, and why did you use gauze.» The question dropped from my lips the very moment he opened the car door on his side.

«Its just to make your blindfold less obvious, and I used gauze to make it look less conspicuous. People will always see what they want to see, and what they will see is a girl whom just had eye surgery sitting quietly next to her boyfriend.» His velvet voice washed over me from the right, as he slammed his door shut, sealing us together in a cage of metal.

I tried to relaxed my back against the seat as he started the car, my mind replaying his words again and again. This could be my big chance, he had used gauze on my eyes because there was a slight chance that we might run into people on the way, that someone might see me. His use of the term boyfriend was drowned out by the burning desire to escape, to be free. I loved him, but the sick twisted feeling was like an anchor wrapped around my ankle, it threatened to drag me under, to drown me. To love Bryan felt like courting death itself, to run right into its cold hard embrace tripping over several gnarled pale corpses littered along the way. The harsh emotion made me warm inside just as much as it sickened me.

The sweet lure of freedom and the continuous soothing roar of the car engine tried its best to lull me into a nice warm sleep like a newborn babe, but I refused to give in to its hypnotic pull. I would stay awake, I would be aware, I would not let this golden chance slip me by. If a mere sliver of a chance of getting away from his twisted embrace showed itself I would not hesitate to take it, I would run away, I would leave him.

We sat togheter in a pleasant silence as the car droned on for what seemed like forever and yet at the same time only a small drop of in the endless sea of time.


I felt the car slow down, as it snaked its way through a slightly bumpy road, before it finaly came to a full stop.

«We are here. You can remove your blindfold now.»

I lifted my hand hesitantly up to the fabric binding my sight, afraid that this was some sort of test I was about to fail. My fingers tugged at the coarce material, and dragged it up above my head. My eyes widened in shock as they took in the view in front of me, I just could not believe that he would do this.

My head spun to the right, my blurry tearfilled eyes found his warm delighted cinnamon orbs.

The shimmering ocean lapped gently against the shore in front if us. Seagulls sailed on the soft invisible breeze above. The sight of it all almost stopped my heart from beating.

He had brought me to the beach.

I stretched over to his side, my smiling lips found his left cheek. All the plans of escape drained away together with the tention which had been holding my heart hostage the entire way here, I felt free.

«Thank you.»

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