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Personal Bio

Hi! My name is Nicole, and my greatest aspiration is to work in the publication field as an editor. I have a bachelor's in Communication and Writing and I spent three years working on my school's literary magazine as coeditor in chief of nonfiction. Currently, I'm working as a receptionist, but I continue to further my writing, as well as my editing career.

When I was younger, you never found me without a book in my hand, and I've recently found an even greater passion in creating my own stories. I joined Wattpad about two years ago, and my writing has flourished as much as my reading. When I discovered beta reading, I dived in and never fail to attempt to leave my mark on a story.

One of the most influential professors I had in college told me that editing is like leaving your own, invisible signature on a piece. It's transparent, and says "I've been here, and I helped make this the masterpiece it is today." That was my freshman year, and I live by those words as best I can. I don't leave any form of writing until I have given it my full attention, and there is nothing else I can say about it. 

Preferred Genres

I don't have any preferred genres, but the majority of what I have read has been romance, fantasy, and science fiction.

Non-Preferred Genres

None, I read anything.

Relevant Experience

I have three years experience working on my university's literary magazine as coeditor in chief of nonfiction. As for now, I am an active beta reader on and fictionpress, I am a Rebel Elite, and I am an active member on

Projected Time Frame

On average, 5 chapters per week.

Communication Preference

No preference. But I have used Wattpad, google docs, and Microsoft track changes. I'm comfortable with all one of them. 

Want to Pitch njdevin529?

Want to Pitch njdevin529?

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