Chapter 1

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Hello, fellow Fans. In this story, Hary is a girl. She is in her 7th year after the war. when she turned 17 she turned in a vampire but keep it a secret. in the story, she is a vampire for 3 months. The story is seen out of the eyes of Harriet(Harry) if otherwise, I will let you guys know. Also, I hope you guys like the story. when a chapter is smutty I will let you guys know. Enjoy! 

from your writer,


I was done with my classes for today. I said my goodbye's to Hermione and Ron and went towards the forbidden forest. of course, they didn't know where I went. I didn't know how they would react when they knew. I just need to get used to it myself. It's been 3 months since I turned. I asked professor Snape (yes, in this story he is alive.) About it. He told me that I probably Have a mate. By now I'm used to the fact that at daytime I'm feeling weak. Every day after classes I go out hunting at animals. I don't feel comfortable by feeding on humans. 

I was sucking the blood out of a deer. "bloody hell!!!" I heard someone scream. I turned around and saw George and Fred (yes he is also still alive.) standing behind me. "Shit," I said. I directly cleaned my face. I felt something strange. It felt like I found my missing part. "How is it possible?" Fred asked. "What are you?" George asked. I was scared that they would be scared for me. "I'm a vampire, for 3 months by now, and It seems that I inherited it." I answered carefully. "wicked," Fred said. I gave them a confused look. "it's crazy that you're a vampire, but also quite cool." George said. "you guys aren't scared?" I asked. "Why would we. ever be scared. of you. Harriet?" they asked. "anyway what is this strange feeling?" Fred asked. "yeah what did you do?" George asked. "so you guys also feel it? I don't know what it is. maybe we should ask Snape about it." I said. "Why Snape?" Fred asked. "He is the only one who knows. while the war I found out he was close to my mother so I trust him." I answered. "and I didn't tell the others because I don't want to scare them away." I continued. "okay, let's go then." George said. 

When we arrived in Snape's classroom he was still there. "miss Potter and Misters Weasley, why are you here?" He asked. "George and Fred found out. when I saw them we both got a strange feeling and since you know so much about creatures you may know the answer."I told him. "explain the feeling. first the boys and then you describe your feeling." Professor Snape said. "It feels like we want to be with her. all the time. Like we need to help her. Like we have to make her feel better when she was scared. Like we have to be there for her. always." They explained. "I got the urge to bite them more than with others, they are perfect. when someone hurt them I will make them suffer. I want to protect them, make them mine and show them off so everyone knows that they are mine." I described. "you're mates." Professor Snape said after a short silence. When he said that I became scared again. scared they will turn me down, that they won't accept me. The twins felt that and they put each an arm around my shoulder. "we won't abandon you." Fred said. "never no matter what." George continued. Snape smiled at the sight. "now get out before someone comes in and see you guys." Snape said and we ran off. we ran back into the forest.

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