Chapter One- My family

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 I'm only a girl. A little girl at that. People treat me as if I'm from, some sort of other planet or something though. I look like your average seven year old and I act like one too. My mom and dad said they couldn't handle me anymore, so they sold me to this couple who wanted a child. 

I'm not a slave. I'm a human being, you can't just sell me and get rid of me. I will come back and when I do, you will not ever forget me. The man and woman my parents sold me to looked nice, but that doesn't mean anything. Looks can be deceiving, right? I'm scared to death and so not looking forward to leaving my biological parents.

I walk into my bedroom and start gathering all of my things. I have six large suit cases for my clothes, toys, shoes, bedding, stuffed animals and my book collection. I begin with folding all of my clothes, placing them inside, rolling them to make them fit, stuffing them where I can and finally plopping down on top of it.

"Daddy," I yell, "can you please come help? I can't do this by myself!"

"What is it Jade," he asks grumpily, "what do you need child?"

"I-I just can't close the suit case," I say pointing down, "I need your help daddy."

"Fine," he groans, "get up and I'll do it."

"Thanks daddy!" I say happily, clapping as I do.

"There," he growls, "and stop calling me daddy!"

I'm use to daddy being this way, so I don't let it bother me. I shrug my shoulders and move on to my next case. This one is going to be for my toys. I have a lot of toys. I have, dolls, babies, guitars, drums and so much more. I think it will be easier if I just dump everything inside, so I push the toy box up to the case, grab the bottom and tip it over. Yikes! That didn't work so well, there are toys everywhere. I hurry and pick them up, throwing what I can into the case, before daddy comes back in my room. I place the last toy in and in walks daddy.

"What are you doing in here," he screams, "sounds like you are tearing up the place!"

"I dumped my toys," I said pointing to the case, "some of them fell out. I'm sorry daddy."

"Hurry up and get done!" he screamed again, then walked out my room slamming the door.

I stuck my tongue out at him, but continued doing what I was told. I filled the other cases with everything, then looked around my now bare room. The only things left were the lamp, my bed and my chest of drawers. I wonder where I'm suppose to sleep tonight. I guess I'll find out at dinner tonight.

I went over to my window and looked into the sky. It's almost dark now, maybe mommy has dinner ready. I always wait until my name is called, before leaving my room though, because mommy and daddy don't like me in thier way. Mommy is usually in here playing with me, but lately it's like she is scared of me. I don't know why, I guess it's because of my fits lately. Daddy has always been mean to me. He never wants me around him. He always leaves or makes me leave. Maybe my new parents will be nicer. Hmm. I wonder what the are like.

"Jade," mommy calls, "it's dinner time, come eat."

"Coming!" I yell.

I ran down our long dark hallway, cut through the living room and halted, then walk into the kitchen. Mommy is dressed in a pretty purple dress, her blond hair is up in one of those bun things and her eyes are sparkling blue. She looks so pretty. Everyone says I look just like her. Well, my hair is dirty blond, that's the only difference. Daddy is dressed in a button up plaid shirt, his jeans are dark and his boots are ugly. His hair is black and spiky. I look nothing like daddy. Mommy brings everything to the table and we all dig in.

Mommy made my favorite meal. Fish! We have all sorts of fish, bass, tuna, perch and flounder. we also have french fries, hush puppies, potato salad and so much more. Mommy really out did her self tonight. I love her so much and always will, oh and I love daddy too. I can't believe this is my last meal with my parents. I'm sad, but I have to be strong, because they no longer want me. I have to show them I don't care, that I'll be alright and that this is bothering me...right?! I'm trying not to cry, but I don't think I can hold it in much longer.

"Mommy," I sniffle, "why don't you want me anymore?"

"Jade," daddy growls, "eat your dinner, we've already talked about this. You just stop worrying and eat!"

"But, I" I said.

"Damn it Jade," he screams, "shut up and eat, or go to bed starving! You choose!"

"Jade," mommy says, "I love you princess, you know that right? This is something that has to be done baby, I don't want to, but I have no choice."

"Why not?" I ask.

"It's for your own safety sweetie," she smiles grabbing my hand, "you will understand one day soon."

With that we silently eat the rest of our dinner, the last dinner I would ever share with my parents. I studied their faces closely, I didn't ever won't to forget what they looked like. Even if they didn't want me, I wanted them!

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