I thought I'll never see you again

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wassup ppl! Here is your lil angsty fanfic! Hope you enjoy and im so sorry for late update!
And this is all Eliza P.O.V!
And also I jus made up some things which probably didnt happend at time....

It was end.
End of my days, end of my life.

I breathed sharply as my heart was beatibg slowly and sharply.

I was laying in bed, my children surronded around me, whimpering.

I scanned them all at ince with my tired eyes.


I got film in my eyes..  I look at my 2nd son, Alexander Jr.

Oh how much that name sent me to shivers and edge.

H...he looked like  him..
Like the man I loved.

Him- who loved me
Him- who fought for us and our legacy
Him- who cheated and then wrote whole pamphlet about it..

Him- who killed our son with pamphlet
Him-...who I forgave him and still loved him

Him- who...died for us

I just realized something-

I..im overrated and selfish...

Angelica...oh my dear sister, I knew she loved Alexander when we 1st meet..i..i was so in love, so helpless, that I couldnt realize I was hurting others, hurting her. I called my 1st daughter after her..oh god.. my poor daughter..she..she was in mental state after Phillip death.

Peggy...oh my poor dear sister, she..she  was so brave, always there for us, always there for me and Angelica throughout hard times, her...who deserved better...her who died young...TOO DAMN YOUNG!!

I felt my eyes at edge of tears, as someone touched me on shoulder, humming as I realize it was Phill.

H..he looked as same as Phillip. Luckily he lives longer.

"I..it's okay Ma" Phil smiled at ne even tho he was holding back to not cry. I smiled weakly at him.

But someone gave up.

I turned to see...Frances. Oh thay beutifull poor child...
I adopted her. She was orphan. She reminded me of my Alexnder.

I dont understand...im not her mother...di..did I gave her everything she needed to survive? Was I good mother to her? Had I taught her a lot of things?

Eliza hugged her... My other daughter.
She and her were like real sisters. Eliza and I were very close...

My breath hitched. I knew this was end.

I...i made orohanage for those children. They were so happy when they seen me.
I promised that, to lady Washington...she was nice friend...she also was there for me.

I..i spoke against slavery. I granted Laurens wish. Laurens...he was real friend, real soldier who fought against slavery, yet he died so young.

Alexander...oh my sweet silly husband. I told them your story... Dont worry, I'll soon be with you..

My breath hitched again.

Doctor who was there, he said that I will soon reunite with  them..

I knew who were them...

And I realized that my other children burst out of crying.

William, took my hand and smiled, even tho his tears were still crying, he said

"Dont worry, Ma- you will soon be wuth them..with our Aunts, our brotger Phillip and Angela, with our father..." He sniled warmly again.

And then it happend.

I knew that my last breath took a chance to leave me...

I closed my eyes. And..I died. I still heard nuffeld cryings of my sweet children.

I hope they will protect our legacy, and tell our story.

I opened my eyes. Weirdly I get up and looked in mirror. I...in alive? I look like old me... When I was young.

Was that all dream? I realized that I had white gown. The white gown which I was wearing before my death. I was so cobfused but I walked downstairs. Everything looked normal.

"Eliza-" I heard someone said my name.
I turned around and see Peggy with Angelica. My sisters. I smiled widely and began to cry as I ran towards them hugging em tightly.

"MA!" I heard once again behind me.

I see Phillip, and Angelica Jr.

My breath wheezed as I hugged them tightly.
Angelica (her child) smiled at me as she said

"Im sorry mom for everything you did for me.." she said apologetly.

I..i was confused.

"Wh...what...?" I was confused as Phillip chuckeld.

"Ma...your dead...you came here and re-joined us" Phillip said smilling.

Wow...being dead is...nice??

I heard someone ahemed behind me, and I see Laurens, Mulligan and Lafayette. .and Burr.

They all hugged me. Burr apologized hundred of times after he killed my husband, even tho I forgave him, he apologized here too.

I smiled.

"Lady Eliza-...he is waiting for you.." Laurens said, as I looked at him confused.

I hear someone ahemed behind me.

I turned around-

[I] Alexander

I sobbed a bit, as I smiled widely, tunning towards him, hugging him tightly and kissing him deeply.

Everyone cheered up.

I took him close by me as I mumble to him..

[CI] I thought I'll nver see you again...

The end


Ok this ain't rlly angst but i rlly cried while writing these-

I hope you enjoeyed once again!

Thank u for reading bye!

And prob imma do threesomes smut very soon!


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