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Sometimes we judge people too quickly without giving them much time to show their true self. I did the same, now I wish I didn't.

"ME WHAT???" I asked in shock. The whole scene was playing in my mind all over again. "Okay look, it's not as if I'm hitting on you, not by any chance. It's just a fact." He replied looking away, cheeks red like tomatoes.

I didn't say anything and continued with my work. "By the way..." he cooed. "...How many guy friends do you have?" I choked.

"How does it concern you?" "Well it doesn't..." he ruffled his hair, "...I am just curious." I just ignored him.

"Okay now you won't answer me and I will have to ki-" "Taehyung~" someone said in the sweetest voice that could be ever heard. Obviously it was Sohyun.

Apparently Taehyung was completely irritated as well as me. "OMG Taehyung, where the hell are you sitting? Did you not find any other place in this entire room?" She said.

Deja vú, right?

"Come, let's sit there toget-" "Could you leave me alone?" He said coldly. "Huh?" Sohyun was confused because it was the first time anyone has rejected that fat ass.

"Do you even know what you are saying?" She asked. "Yes, I think before I speak." He gave her a death glare, making her move back and go away.

All I was doing at that time was to stare at him. He rejected her??? For me?????

He looked back at me and we made a five second long eye contact. I almost drowned into the deepness of his brown orbs while he stared into my puffed eyes.

"I...know I look fine a-f, but it doesn't mean that you will..." "What?" I continued staring. "That you will...start loving me." I choked on literally nothing, again.

"Love? Me? Fvck off." I turned ahead and started sketching again.

"Pabo." I whispered.

He held my wrist and pulled it up so as to make me stand up. "Let's go." He said. "What??? Where? We still have 30 minutes left and we can't-" "Let's go!" He almost yelled and without waiting for a reply, dragged me out.

 "What??? Where? We still have 30 minutes left and we can't-" "Let's go!" He almost yelled and without waiting for a reply, dragged me out

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"So, where should we go now?" He said, sucking on his popsicle and a hand in his pocket while I just walked along on the paved sidewalk. "I don't know." I mumbled, lost in some thoughts.

"Why don't you respond well? Is your battery over?" He asked. "What do you want me to do??? Cheerfully walk with you jumping on the road and shout like a kid??? So that people judge me as a mentally disturbed person?" He gave me a look, I don't know which one, but a look.

"No...I just want you to talk to me nicely." He pouted. "Ah, you literally kidnapped me, how could you expect me to be cheerful with you." He looked down frowning, making me feel bad over my decision of talking rudely with him.

"Okay, sorry. Now don't be upset." I muttered and he looked up at me. "I ain't sad, I was just looking at your shoes. Do your laces or else you will trip over it." He pointed it out.

I sighed, bent down and started tying my shoelace. It happened for only a few seconds, but why? Why did I think that he was normal?

All of a sudden, I heard some crashing of a car on the street beside and as soon as I got up, all I could see on the road was a sweep of blood by the tires of the car on the street and a dead body.....of a cat.

"It looks so horrible that if any kid saw it, he would have fain-" I stopped mid-sentence and realised that he was no less than a kid.

I turned back just to see his sweaty face, trembling lips and shaky legs. "Y-Y/N, W-W-What h-hap-pened just now?" He stuttered. "NO NO NO NO TAE, LET'S GO." I held his wrist and dragged him to an alleyway that was the way to the cemetery ground, my house....

When we have someone beside us, for us, maybe he could not be there for ever, but for a while. But, it won't be fake and your heart will know that.

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