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"Yes! That's it Lauren, come on you're stronger than this, just 2 more Lauren come on, push yourself!" Me and Lauren were in the gym doing pull ups and let's just say I wanted to challenge her and see if she's made progress, before she couldn't even do 5 pull ups.Now she's here doing almost 20" Come on Lauren!Just one more, push yourself!" I shouted at her, "Fuck Y/N I really appreciate your support, but you're fucking killing me right now!" She said before finally pulling herself up until her head was over the pole, she dropped down and bent over, heavily breathing." Yaaasss that's it Lo you fucking killed it!" I gave her a high five and a hug." Holy shit, I did it!" She started jumping up and squealing, resulting in me laughing. "I'm gonna head to the lockers and get our stuff okay," I started heading towards my locker thinking about Camila and what to do for our 1 year anniversary, but then again we did breakup, but it wasn't even a proper one we didn't talk for a day and that's it, plus she's planning it. I got out mine and Lauren's stuff, considering it's gonna like be our first time, I feel like I need to know all the tips and shit.I'm just scared about something going wrong and where the fuck are we gonna do it? Like I guess my place could be okay, cause my mom has gone to another country for work, she'll be gone for another 3 months, and I know it's crazy leaving a 17 year old teenager alone in the house but she trusts me and I'm pretty strong not gonna lie.

I was heading back into the gym room and I saw some guy, he was tanned,quite tall, weird hairstyle, and very skinny, he looked like a weirdo not gonna lie. I got closer to them to hear the convosation " So what's up baby?" he asked Lauren, I cringed at what he called her " Urrmm sorry excuse me?" She asked " is your boyfriend here with you mama?" I could've sworn I threw up, this guy is disgusting. I decided to step in " Oh sorry I left you for so long babe," I handed her stuff, while putting my arm around her "No way you guys are dating," he exclaimed " We are," I answered "then prove it," he replied  "fine" I kissed her on her cheek." No no!On the lips," he added on, I gulped and looked at her, I'm not kissing Lauren again. " OMG look boobies!" I shouted while pointing my finger behind him, causing his head to flash behind him, like a hungry dog. I grabbed Lauren's arm and shouted to her "run!"

We jumped in my car and burst out laughing, I started mocking him " Yo what's up baby?!" Lauren burst into a fit of laughter. We were laughing with eachother as I started driving the car.Then she got a phone call. "Yo....Yeh sure....she's right here....gym....urrmm Yeh just let me ask her, Dinah wants to meet us at the diner." I nodded my head yes and she went back talking to her " she said Yeh.....i started gym time back... bitch please...I can do 20 pull ups....byeee bish." She looked at me " don't even ask," I giggled at her statement and continued the drive to the diner.

" So guys I was wondering, urrrmm I'm gonna lose my virginity," I stated while sipping my cola. Lauren choked on her drink, Dinah had fries hanging out her mouth and she looked at me in pure shock." What!" She shouted gaining some attention." Girl finish your fries, and Yeh I wanna lose it to Camila, we're planning to lose it on our 1 year anniversary which is in two months. " Holy shit!" Dinah exclaimed, " aren't you excited?!" She asked " Urrmm well Yeh of course I am, but at the same time I'm scared that I won't do a good job," I admitted " Y/N relax, just do whatever feels right," Lauren said while comforting me " she loves you too much to care about the sex," Dinah exclaimed "even tho its your guys first time, the best thing to do is just go slow, you wanna make sure that while you guys are making love she feels loved and appreciated, just go slow first then you'll be alright. Don't just fuck her senseless!" She chuckled. I chuckled at her " Thanks guys but do you guys have any urrrmm...tips....on how...to do....it?" I asked.Lauren chuckled " Oh boy do we have a lot to teach you!"

Lauren POV
I don't know how I feel about Y/N to be honest, I can't exactly be falling for her since she's going out with Camila and I was the one that pushed away when we were making out.I simply shouldn't be falling for her, she's so excited about her first time, it's best if I just stay in the friend zone.

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