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- epilogue -

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- epilogue -


TIREDLY, he walked out of the office building and got inside his car. Jungkook drove straight to the school to pick his son up. In front of the school gate, he watched small kids running out of the gate.

His pair of eyes were searching for his son and finally, Jungkook found him. The little boy ran towards the car as soon as he recognized it. "DADDY!" Jungkook opened the door and his son got inside the car.

"How was your day, Jungmin?" Jungkook asked his son. "It was amazing." Jungmin sang out, throwing his hands in the air.

Jungkook ruffled his hair and drove the car away. On the way back home, he remembered what his wife said in the morning before he left the home.

His pregnant wife had been craving for chocolates lately and she finished everything yesterday, so she asked him to buy tons while returning home.

Well aware that if he didn't buy them for her, she would surely kill him when he reaches home. "I'll go and buy something. You stay here, okay?" Jungkook told her son but being his own son, Jungmin was stubborn.

Like father, like son.

"I'll come with you," Jungmin insisted to follow him. Jungkook sighed. "Let's go." He walked out and so did his son.

Holding the small hand, Jungkook walked in. He grabbed some chocolates but then he remembered his wife asked to buy tons and also, Jungmin was asking for his favorite ones.

After he was done grabbing his wife's favorites as well as his son's, he walked to the counter thinking Jungmin was following him.

Jungkook paid for those chocolates and some extra things he bought. When he turned around, his son was nowhere in sight. "Jungmin?" He looked around and searched for his son.

Worriedly, Jungkook ran out of the store and searched for Jungmin everywhere nearby including his car. He was nowhere to be found.

Again, he walked inside the store and finally, saw his son running towards him. "Let's go." Jungmin held his thumb and pulled him outside.

"Where were you?" Jungkook asked while following his son. "I went to the restroom." He ran to the car and got inside.

"You scared me," Jungkook followed his son while mumbling those words to himself.

The whole drive back to their home was a singing competition between the father and the son. Both of them enjoyed equally until they reached their home and Jungkook let his son win over him.

"YAY! I won, so this Saturday you will take me to the arcades," Jungmin already started celebrating his victory. "Okay!" Jungkook said and they got out of the car.

It was already quite dark as they walked into their house. "Mommy! Daddy bought chocolates," Jungmin ran to his parents' room while Jungkook followed him.

Jihae was sitting in the balcony, half asleep and as soon as she heard the voice, her sleep was gone. "How's the baby?" Jungmin kneeled on his knees and placed his ears on her stomach, so did his father.

Those two mouthed some things to each other and ended up shushing each other.

"Where are my chocolates?" Jihae suddenly asked.

Jungkook sighed and pointed inside the room. He helped his wife to stand up and she slowly walked inside while holding her stomach with the help of her husband.

"Jungmin, go and change your uniform," Jungkook said and Jungmin ran out to his room. "Let's go and make dinner," Jihae said but Jungkook immediately protested.

"I will go and make dinner," he corrected her sentence. "Don't worry. I'm only going to watch like I always do." She reassured her husband.

Jungkook had no option but to agree with his wife and Jihae didn't forget to grab her chocolates.

Slowly and carefully, he brought her to the kitchen and made him sit on a chair. For this reason, he even shifted their room in the ground floor so that she wouldn't have to climb stairs much.

Jihae sat there watching her husband prepare dinner for them. She watched every action of his while munching on the chocolates. She waited for him to add salt to the food but he didn't. "Jungkook, did you add salt?" she asked but no response.

Slowly, Jihae stood up and walked to him. She grabbed salt and was about to add when Jungkook noticed her there."What are you doing here? Go back and sit there." He scolded her.

"You were too into cooking that you didn't hear me." She lightly hit his head and added the required amount of salt.

"Now go back," Jungkook ordered her but she didn't listen to him. "Let me watch you from here," Jihae insisted.

"No!" he protested.


"Mommy! I need help to do my homework." Jungmin walked into the kitchen carrying a book and a box of color pencils with him. "Go and help your son," Jungkook glared at his wife.

Jihae gave up and walked back to help her son. "What's your homework today?" She asked and sat beside Jungmin.

"Coloring." Jungmin pointed out his book. "There are so many color pencils, so help me find them," he said and grab one of the pencils.

"Okay," Jihae caressed his hair and watched him do his homework. "It says green color," Jungmin said. His mother searched a green one and handed it to him.

Soon enough, Jungkook finished preparing dinner and Jungmin finished his homework.

Three of them had their dinner and Jungkook cleaned the dishes. "Don't skip your shower, okay?" Jihae said to his son and he nodded. "Goodnight mommy. Goodnight daddy." He ran upstairs to his room.

Now the couple was left alone in the kitchen. Jungkook finished cleaning the kitchen and brought his wife to their room. "I didn't bath yesterday. I stink," Jihae said and Jungkook understood what she meant.

"Let's go and clean up." Jungkook landed a kiss on the crook of her neck and they walked into the bathroom.

Jungkook got undressed and helped his wife to do it. Once they were ready to clean up, Jihae walked to the tub and was about to open the tap when Jungkook stopped her.

"Hot water is dangerous." Jungkook glared at her. "The water is too cold," Jihae nagged.

Jungkook sighed. "I'll add only a little amount of hot water in cold water, okay?" He asked and she finally agreed with him.

After the tub was filled, Jungkook helped his wife to clean up as well as himself. The tub was big enough for them to comfortably bath.

Slowly, he wrapped his hands around her tummy and the baby started moving inside her womb. Jihae placed her hand over his hand and leaned against his chest. "Baby is too naughty," Jungkook commented, followed by a giggle.

"Let's think of names for the naughty baby," he spoke, making her giggle. "There is a condition for this time," Jihae suddenly spoke. Jungkook raised his eyebrows, asking her to speak.

"Name should start with Ji."


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