Year 20

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20 March, Year 20

I slid down the corridor, a rhythmic sound on the floors. And then I stopped. I could see Namjoon standing in front of our classroom. Our classroom. Though nobody knew, I called that place our classroom. Me, and the others, the classroom for us seven. I approached silently. I was thinking of surprising him.

"Principal!" As I took my fifth footstep or so, through the slightly open classroom window, a hurried voice could be heard. It seemed like Seokjin.

Was it that Seokjin was speaking to the principal? In our classroom? Why?

Then I could hear Yoongi's and my name, and Namjoon sucking in a surprised breath. As if he could hear my noiseless footsteps, Seokjin threw open the door. I couldn't see Namjoon's expression. I hid and watched them. As Seokjin opened his mouth, as if to deny something, Namjoon held up his hand and spoke.

"It's okay." Seokjin made an expression as if confused.

"There must have been a reason for you to say." With those words, Namjoon swept past Seokjin.

I could not believe it. Seokjin told the principal about the things Yoongi and I had done in the past few days. He explained everything, that we had skipped class, jumped over the barrier, and had fought with some kids. But Namjoon had told us we would be okay.

"What are you doing here?" Turning around in surprise, I realized it was Hoseok and Jimin. Hoseok pretended to be even more surprised as he hung his arm around my shoulder. Suddenly, he dragged me into the classroom. Namjoon and Seokjin were speaking to each other before looking back to see us. Seokjin awkwardly stood up before saying he had to take care of something, then left. I studied Namjoon's expression. He watched Seokjin's back as he left, and then looked at us with a smile as if nothing had happened. At that moment, I realized something. There must be a reason why he is acting like that. He knows more than me, is smarter than me and is way more of an adult than me. And this is our classroom. I posted a square smile on my face, the one everyone laughed at me for saying I looked like an idiot and walked into the classroom.

I decided not to tell anyone that I had heard that conversation.



15 May, Year 20

I went to the warehouse classroom that we claimed as our secret base. We always went there. I picked up a few chairs and I made my way in. I set the toppled-over table upright and patted off the dust on top of it with my palm. To humans, separation is always sentimental. Today was the last day of school and also two weeks until we'd move away. I didn't know if I would ever come back here or whether I would be able to see my friends again. I folded the paper in half and placed it on the table. Although I held a pen in my hand, I didn't know what to write. Time passed by. After writing some meaningless words, the pencil lead broke with a sound.

"You must survive".

I unconsciously doodled those words onto the paper. Among all dark lead powder and doodling, I was suddenly reminded of poverty, parents, friends, moving, and other messy things.

I folded the paper into a ball, put it into my pocket and got up from my seat. Dust was everywhere again when I put the table back. As I got ready to leave I fogged up the window with my breath, and wrote 4 words. It was not enough at the moment, but it could be conveyed to everyone even if unsaid.

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