Chapter Twenty Nine

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If there was one thing that became apparent, it was that when the Babies' Dad was gone for a few days, said Babies turned into monsters!
Friday night's hangout turned into not getting into bed before midnight because A) there was cleaning up to do and B) Luka, Brodie, Dale, Knox and Tatum all woke each other up at 11PM, after only being sleep since somewhere between 8:30 and 9!
Then 2AM.
Then 5AM.
Then they were all awake for the day by 9AM.
And that left Noah, Peyton and myself exhausted!
Peyton of course was blaming herself and Tatum, but I'd assured her Luka, Brodie and Dale could and did normally sleep through nearly anything.
Throughout the day though, my exhausted mind finally managed to register that Luka had rosy red cheeks and a reddened bum beneath his nappy, which led me to believe that his restlessness was due to new teeth coming through!
But it didn't exactly explain the horrendous night, because all of his teething times beforehand never resulted in such restlessness.
Tatum was only a few weeks old, so she had an excuse.
Between Noah and I, we figured Knox, Brodie and Dale just wanted to join in the party!
"Need... coffee..."
I declared, stumbling towards the kitchen when my three Boy's were finally all down for their daytime nap.
"I need sleep."
Noah's muffled voice replied.
Peyton agreed, sounding exhausted from where she sat slumped in one of the armchairs.
I filled the kettle up, assuming the other two would need coffee as well and set the jug onto the base to flick it on to boil.
Then I went over to the bench, leaned forward and braced my elbows on the smooth wood and placed my head in my hands.
Never, even when Luka was an infant, did I have such a torturous night of no sleep.
Well, I'd managed sleep, but it didn't feel like much.
Finally the water in the kettle finished boiling and I forced myself to stand up straight again, collecting up three mug's to make the coffee's.
A flash at the window had Bandit and Zera shooting to their bed, barking.
I whipped around to see Azlan and Zuke scramble to their feet, staring at the window as well.
What the hell's going-?
The front door burst open and my Mother came spilling into my house.
I dropped the teaspoon filled with coffee onto the bench and rushed out of the kitchen to meet her, my whole being immediately flooded with concern.
"Sh-Sheep a-are o-out!"
Mum struggled to say while she attempted to catch her breath, bending over to place her hands on her knees.
Sheep are out?!
I felt my eyes widen.
"How do you know?!"
I asked, my voice coming out as little more than a squeak.
"S-some out of Towner."
Mum sucked in a deep breath.
"Came and knocked at the house."
She explained.
"But we have a problem..."
Yeah we have a problem!
The Sheep could cause an accident out on the road!
And every Sheep that die's or get's injured and has to be put out of its misery is money the farm looses!
"We are the sole people we have that can round 'em up."
Mum informed me, stating into my eyes.
As in Mum and I?
Or did she mean all of us Girl's?
There was also a problem in that.
We have Babies in the house!
I couldn't even remember mustering alongside my Mother!
By the time I was allowed to Muster with everybody else, Mum was busy at the Main House wrangling my Kid siblings.
"A-as in You and Me?"
I asked, gesturing between myself and my Mother.
She nodded quickly,
Well crap...
I was immediately put into a dilemma.
My Kid's were down the hallway, having a much needed nap.
But the Farm need's us.
The last of the Sheep we have, are apparently out on the road, destined to be roadkill!
Wait a second...
"How'd they even get out?"
I asked.
The Boy's routinely check the fences, especially of the paddock's the stock are staying in, so it would have been noticed before they left for the Muster if there was a break in any of the fences, particularly the boundary lines.
However, there wasn't time to dwell on that.
What was important at the moment, was getting the Sheep back onto our land.
"Go do what you gotta do."
I jumped nearly three feet in the air, Noah's voice coming from just over my shoulder scaring the hell out of me!
I whirled around to face her, my heart racing.
"But the Boy's-"
Noah waved a dismissive hand.
"We'll manage! Besides, Joel and Kristen should be here soon. That's extra hands!"
She smiled brightly.
"We'll be as quick as we can."
Mum added.
Well, one thing was for certain.
If Mum and I didn't sort this problem out, then the situation would only get worse.
"Let me get dressed."
I told Mum and spun on my heel to speed walk to Blayze and I's bedroom.

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