Chapter 2

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Baku scoffed and folded his arms once again. It took him a bit to realize that the short, green headed boy had his hand out, but shaking tremendlessly.

"I-Im Mi..Midoriya.." His voice, although soft, was trembling.

"Congratulations! I don't give a fuck,"

Midoriya quickly took his hand shaking hand back and put both of his arms to his face, his body still shaking as if he was walking coatless into a winter storm.  

"Dude, chill the fuck out. its not like I fucking attacked you or something" Baku said. Midoroya still continued to tremble, and looked like he was about to cry (If not crying already).

Baku took a deep sigh and rubbed his temples, staying silent for a minute as he tried to think before looking back up again,  taking his hand out.

"So we already got into  a bad spot, big fucki- I mean, big deal, but maybe we can pretend that this never happened and have another shot." 

Baku doubted that Midoriya would do anything, but to his surprise, he calmed down after a few seconds, and took Baku's hand, blushing slightly but not looking at Baku eye to eye.

"Deku... you can also call me Deku.." Midoriya quietly said.

"Deku? Thats kindve cu-cool. Thats really cool," Baku gave himself a mental punch. 

'He cant even look you in the eye god damnit! Let alone say his name properly! Dont get gay on some dumb kid now,' He lectured to himself as he let go of Dekus hand.


Time Skip To A Few Minutes Ahead


 Baku and Deku's therapist came into the room to see the pair talking to each other. 

...If Baku boasting about all the troubles hes gotten into and Deku nodding but listening eagerly counts as talking.

"Baku, you getting arrested should not be one of your greatest achievments, as well something you should be telling to someone you just met." Baku and Deku 's therapist said, interuppting their conversation.

Baku rolled his eyes and slouched back to his chair. "You never let me talk about that stuff.."

"Well, Im sorry to intterupt you boys, but time is up for today. I believe both of you have the same time for Wednesday next week, so you two can chat some more. For now, I need to get ready for my next appointment,"

Deku and Baku got up and left the room, Deku staying behind Baku, Baku still boasting about himself of course.

"Hey..uhm..Baku?" Deku quietly croaked as he tapped on Baku's shoulder.

"And then I punched the guy-" Baku turned around after he felt the tap on his shoulder. "-yeah?"

"Do you.... do you maybe want to hang out on... on Monday... if.. if you can..?" Deku was blushing and shaking again, this is the most hes ever talked to a person he just met before.

"Oh, uh, I mean I guess so, since my shitty dad-I mean- Fuck-SHIT!" Baku slapped  himself. 'BRING YOURSELF TOGETHER YOU SHITHEAD. THIS DAMN KID CANT EVEN HANDLE THE WORD 'DUMB' AND TAKE IT AS A SERIOUS INSULT' "-WHAT I MEAN TO SAY IS YEa, sure." (voice crACK)

Deku, though blushing, nodded before grabbing a pen and paper on the desk next to them before writing his address and giving it to Baku.

"You can come whenever.. just no earlier then 11, and no.... no later than.. than 6." Deku said before turning around and practically running to his mom who was waiting for him before practically dragging her out the door, leaving Baku confused and blushed.


IM SORRY FOR NOT POSTING AT ALL AND FOR ALL THE SPELLING MISTAKES. Anyways, Baku is confirmed as a gay son of a bitch and Deku is, well, Deku. School is starting for me soon, so Ill start updating once I finish my heccin homework. Thanks for reading :00


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