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Now that the dress portion of the wedding was covered, we had to get rings and go to the planner. It was pretty stressful, especially when you don't want to do it. Lamelo and I were going to pick out the rings. This was the only thing we were doing on our own. He supposed to be here any minute for us to go. Right on time, I heard a honk.

Melo was already out opening the door for me when I came out.

"Heyyy Baby," I grinned hugging him.

"Hi mamas," He answered leaning for us to kiss.

I got in the vehicle and closed the door. Melo got in and began to drive.

"Lemme get the aux for once," I begged.

"Here just don't play non of them depressing songs or the ones that have you drowning in love," He rolled his eyes.

"Stfu I'll play whatever I want hoe."

I played King Combs Love you better. That song was a whole vibe.

I caught Melo nodding his head to the song.

"You feelin my music huh?" I asked smirking.

"Future is better."

"You a hater," I replied.

By the time the song was over we were at the jewellers. It was closer than I expected. Melo opened the door for me to walk in.

"Thank you Melly."

I really did appreciate him doing things like that for me.

"Mr and Mrs. Ball, come right in," A middle aged man greeted us.

"Good morning," I smiled at him.

Melo said the same and the man shook our hands.

"Come right this way to view our options."

Our parents already made the reservation so he knew what we came to see.

"Get your jacket Kai cause these shits icy af," Melo joked.

I chuckled and looked at what they had.

"Look at that one baby," I said pointing to a gorgeous ring.

"You like that one?" He asked me.

"Yeah but it's too much," I answered.

"Aye I like this one, I'll take this one," Melo said to the man.

He found his one in 00.2 seconds yet i'm still here.

"Mine drippin Kai," He said excitedly.

"Ugh I can't find any that I like," I whined.

The minute I said that, one caught my eye.

"Omg this is the one Melly," I smiled widely.

"We'll get this one too," Melo told the man.

We had our fingers measured after then left the shop.

"I need some gas," Melo complained while taking off.

I nodded while he drove to the gas station. I stayed on my phone while he pumped the gas. I was getting tagged alot, so I went to checked what it was.

theshaderoomteen: Look like #LameloBall has some explaining to do.


Spicy.gal He has a whole queen yet he cheating with insta thots

Guapbae Alexa play keyshia Cole I should've cheated

Shyam.xo idk but I don't believe the girl. Call me stupid idc

I was shocked at what I was seeing. Some girl was on live saying how Melo just left her house and a bunch of other bs.

"So what we gonna do now baby," Melo asked coming back into the vehicle.

"Take me home."

I didn't know how to address the situation. It was hurting too bad.

"Why? You not feeling well?" He asked concern.

I started at him and he stared back.

"Just take me home Lamelo!" I said getting a bit loud.

"Talk to me Kai, why you mad? Did I do something?"

I remained quiet and folded my arms.

"If it has anything to do with me, I'm sorry Mekai and I wouldn't intentionally hurt you," He sighed starting up the engine.

The drive to my house was silent. I was about to come out when he pulled me back.

"Talk to me princess, please," He begged.

I took out my phone, sent him the post and walked out.

Just when you thought things were going good.

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