Chapter Two: Thunderbolts and Lightening

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I don't think I'll bother with my usual intro because it would be very hard to transition from that into the actual events of the story. Besides, I'm pretty sure you already know that I am Nimja, and that the events of this take place after we were all sucked into Rembrandt's  The Night Watch.

So enjoy.

For a few seconds after bumping into... well, whatever it was that I bumped into, all I saw was black. I half-expected that when I opened my eyes, we would be in a dark room surrounded by a bunch of Dutch military men carrying swords. After all, we had been sucked into a painting that portrayed just that.

I woke.

And what I saw was the complete opposite of my expectations.

The first thing I saw was what I had bumped into: a huge rock, covered in moss. The second thing I saw was that we were not in the world of The Night Watch at all.

Instead, what was in front of us was a beautiful green pasture with hills, with a brightly-colored pink sky, trees everywhere, a winding river, and a ton of strange creatures.

If not for the pink sky, I would have guessed that we had just teleported to my world: Runewald.

But we weren't in Runewald.

We were certainly in a beautiful natural dimension. But if this were Runewald, then we would also see houses and villages.

There were none in sight.

It made no sense to me. We had just been teleported into The Night Watch. It would only make sense for us to be surrounded by Dutch military men, not be in a Twilight-esque location!


We had been sent here for a reason.

That was what the picture had told us. But... what reason could we possibly be here for?

I looked to my right. OGiNiM and HyDrO both were sitting up, and when they saw the world in front of them, they both reacted the same way I did.


"But— how could we— why are we here?!" stammered OGiNiM.

"I'm not sure," I said. "We must have been brought here for some reason. All we have to do is find out exactly what."

"Do you think Hyp- Hypnosi-"

"HyPN0se," I said, gently correcting OGiNiM.

"Yeah, him," OGiNiM said. "Do you think he's here?"

"Maybe. Though I haven't seen anyone that even looks remotely like a hypnotist."

"Wait!" OGiNiM exclaimed. "What if someone here knows about him?"

"He does have a point," HyDrO added. "If someone here knows who or where this guy is, we should probably ask."

They were right. If anything, I figured, the picture sent us here to find more information about this HyPN0se figure. I nodded.

"Alright," I agreed with a smile.

"Whoo-hoo!" OGiNiM exclaimed, as we began to walk through the fields to find this mysterious hypnotist. "Oh, Mijnheer... I can't wait to find out more about this Hypnose guy!"

He pronounced it as you would in English, with two syllables. HIP-nose. Of course, I knew it wasn't English. It was Dutch. You see, the word hypnose means "hypnosis" in Dutch- a pretty ironic name for someone who is a non-believer.

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