babysitting school day

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Sasuke, Naruto, Menma, and Sasukie was at school in one of their classrooms listening to the teacher until Naruto and Sasuke got called to the front office.

The two looked at each other confused since it was only 2period so they shrugged it off and got up from their seats "hey menma can you take notes" Naruto asks "sure" menma replied back going back to his paper.

The blond fox nodded and left the classroom with his mate.

Once out of eyesite Sasuke took naruto's hand in his and they walked to the office hand in hand "I wonder what they need" Naruto says "hn" Sasuke replied back his tail raised slightly in alert.


Making it to the office Sasuke opened the door letting Naruto in first then he walked in "you needed up" the raven says earning a nod from shizune "yes tsunade will see you in her office now" she says smiling at the boys.

The two nodded and knocked on the door hearing a muffled come in.

Sasuke opened the door and Naruto walks in to get hugged by kyuubi "kyu what's wrong" Naruto asked a bit worried.

"Nothing I have to go on a mission and kyuubi and going into hidding for a bit and we we're wondering if you two could watch over Akio and Akira for us" itachi says "why is he hidding" Naruto asked confused "I have this feeling that something bad is to happen and as much as I don't want my boys to get hurt so please protect them" kyuubi says smiling softly at Sasuke and Naruto who nodded.

"Great here you boys go and hears a list of what you need to do" the redhead says handing a bag to Sasuke and the list of what to do to Naruto and Itachi gave Akira to Sasuke and Akio to Naruto.

The young Raven fox looks up at Naruto and reached up and Pat his cheek as the blond purrs happily as for Akira and lightly tugged at sasuke's hair and giggles happily.

Itachi and kyuubi smiles then disapears.

The couple looks at each other and nods "alright we'll be going to class now" Sasuke says "ok be careful and please make sure the babies don't cause a mess" tsunade says sighing.

"We won't" Sasuke and naruto says as they left the off babies in their arms as they walked "makes sure you stay by my side ok naru" Sasuke says softly "ok Sasuke" Naruto replied back they shifted the babies into on of their arms so they could hold hands while walking to the classroom together.


They had one thing to say about their day.....DESTRUCTION.

No one knew that Sasuke could be this protective and fatherly over to kids that weren't even his like Everytime omeone tried to reach for the babies hand Sasuke would slap that person and glare at them if you ask their would be a 5% ratio on weither or not you'd be allowed to hold or touch the babies.
Naruto would allow the little ones to be curled up in his tail as they either slept or played around, he would hiss at though who would stare to long and tell people to shut up if they were to loud or if the Cubs we're sleeping.

These two were like the bodyguards to famous celeberties just in a parenting way.

They honesty did a good job on taking care of the Cubs and no one was complaining well the teachers weren't the students were because of how protective the two were and how serious it was when it came to Akio and Akira the 4 was inseparable.

At lunch Sasuke, Naruto, Akira,Akio, Menma, Sasukie, kiba, shino, neji, shikamaru, Lee, garra, choji, and Gaara were app sitting at one of the outside tables eating their food together like it was normal.

"So these are the brother kids" shikamaru asks "ya we were asked to watch over the for a while and we're not going to fail them" sauske says as he get Akio Naruto nods while giving Akira his bottle and the little red head purred happily while drinking hid milk.

"T-their really cute" Hinata says as she walked past the two and sat beside her cusin "ya they are" naruto replies back petting the you 9tails wolf's ears earning a happy growl.

"Their only 2years old so far" Sasuke says
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The others nodded then went to eating.

Menma sighs  "why did they trust you two again" he asked "because you two are trust worthy enough and you broke the rules that they set while itachi and kyuubi we're gone" naruto says eating his ramen "like you and Sasuke didn't" menma replied growling.

"You 4 have rules at home" choji asks "used to" Sasuke says "until they were broken" he says then looks over to sasukie and Menma as his twin blushes madly while menma looked away.

Naruto giggles as he boops Akio's nose cause the baby to go cross eyed and stick his tongue out.

He heard an aww as he looked up to see someone his friends had their phones out and was ready to record or take pictures though Sasuke managed as he chuckles.

The blond fox looks over at Sasuke who was eating his tomato while Akira had one of sasukes fingers in his mouth playfully biting it as if he was becoming a violent wolf as the young red head let out cute growls to sound scary.

Naruto though it was cute so did the others.

Menma had decided to get up and leave to the bathroom for a while as sasukie talked to either choji, neji, or kiba.


School was almost over as Naruto and Sasuke was walking to their last class with Akira and Akio the babies had long fallen asleep since it was their nap time.

Akio was holding onto Sasuke tightly as if the raven wolf was gonna leave the little fox by himself which wasn't gonna happen as for Akira the little wolf was curled up in naruto's jack hugging the blond foxes tail.

The couple walked threw the halls in a happy Manor though still kept their guard up for just in case you never know when something bad can happen any way.

Making it to class they sat down at their desks while waiting for the bell to ring they had left their other class early since their work was done and wouldn't have anything else to do plus also since this class didn't have any students yet it was gonna be a quiet day for them.

The blond fox laid his head on his mates shoulder as the only sound was the sound of  the soft purrs and growls from the babies.

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