Chapter Eight - Back to the Start

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How long she had been sitting there, she wasn't sure, but as her eyes began to open, nothing about her surroundings was different. 

She felt far worse now. 

Her body was freezing. It wasn't a help that the planet stayed below freezing temperatures either. As she bit her tongue, she slowly moved her hand to her cut. It was completely numb, and she wondered if she'd lose feeling in it forever. She could get frostbite and that would complicate things further. 

She relaxed back against the rock and focused on her breathing. She was going to prepare herself to stand. Sitting was getting her no where and she desperately needed movement. Her body would scream at her for it but she didn't care. She wasn't going to die like this. 

As she gazes down the path she starts to see small fuzzy dots. Was she going mad? Is she seeing things now?

She watches as the dots come closer, moving at a fast pace. These dots are not from her weakness in vision, or apart of her imagination. They were something else. The dots became closer, now making human outlines.

She used the last of her strength to stand, holding her shoulder, preventing more bleeding from emerging. She couldn't make out who they were and she was going to prepare to run or hide. These could be anyone and she was greatly injured. 

But, before she tried to run she recognizes the color of one the heads. It was Xander's blonde wavy hair. And he was running, running to her. The others were running too. She smiled, thanking them to herself for not leaving. Her friends were here, they were safe.

As Xavier reached her she grabbed ahold of his arms, trying to steady her balance.

"Where were you?" Xavier demanded. The others have caught up and she felt their energy fiercely. Xavier felt the strongest of them all.

"I left—I couldn't stay here knowing I'd cause this planet suffering. I had to leave," she exhaled gasping for air. She was becoming breathless every word she spoke.

"We've been searching for you throughout this valley, searching villages—" Xavier examined her body, then slowly met his eyes back to hers. "What happened to you?"

"Revive officers, they are here, and they killed...they killed Lameka and Ailee. I don't know where Kohmal is, if she is even alive." She managed to say.

Theo was upon them now, torture shadowing his face. He was further than the rest of them, just now getting to them.

"Why are bleeding?" he raucously asked.

"I killed the two officers, I don't know if there are more. I didn't have time to search, I had to find you all to see if you were okay, to see if you didn't leave." Her vision became fuzzy again, as she let out a weak breath.

Theo turned to Ira. "I need you to go check if there are any more officers, and if you can locate Kohmal."  Ira nodded, Nyles joining her as they ran behind them.

"We need to get her medical help." Xavier eyed Theo as he lifted her in his arms.

"We will need to run," Theo sighed, and Xavier agreed. 

Running back to Kohmal's home she tried her best to keep her eyes open as Xavier carried her. Theo was a bit ahead of them, reaching the top of the hill before they did. 

Entering back into Kohmal's house Xavier let her down, holding her up.

Ira and Nyles weren't here yet.

Theo scrambled to grab all of their belongings. Xavier laid her up against the counter as he searched for medical supplies within the eating courters. He slammed the cabinet doors, throwing anything and everything he found that weren't medical supplies, out of his way.

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