♡The Prank ~ Request♡

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"Hi guys!" Mikayla smiled into the camera, waving as she did so. "So today, I'm going to be....sort of pranking my boyfriend, Michael," she grinned.

It was going to be good.

"What I'm going to do is..." she pulled out a packet of pills from her jean pocket. "Give this to him in a glass of water - apparently, it's supposed to make him...horny," she giggled a little. "Not that he needs the pill, he's always a little cheeky around me,"

Mikayla paused for a moment, listening to any movement that might have hinted Michael was peeping.

Nope. You're good.

"The camera will be here, because he won't really be able to see it. So," she bit her lip. "Let's put this pill in a glass of water, give it to him - and see his reaction!"


Several hours had passed since Mikayla had set up the camera, and only an hour since Michael had taken the glass of water in which the pill was dissolved. As Mikayla sat on the large sofa, watching television - and unsuspecting Michael had begun to get aroused.

"M-Mikayla..." Michael trailed off, walking up to her. Mikayla raised her eyebrows innocently, turning off the television before directing her attention to Michael. Her eyes widened when she saw what a mess he was. He was sweating profusely, and his little friend had become extremely enlarged. "What's happening?"

Mikayla couldn't help it - she burst into a fit of giggles as she straddles him.

"It was a prank! I gave you pills that would make you like this," she cupped his face and kissed him before pointing at the camera. "I'm sorry, baby,"

Michael raised an eyebrow, flipping their positions so that he was now on top of her.

"Oh honey, I'll show you sorry,"

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