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Note: Play the song for added effect. The song may be too long for the imagine - so forgive me.



"Are you ready?" your best friend, Jen, asked you as you stood at the back of the church, waiting to walk up the aisle to the man you loved. A small breath escaped your lips as you nodded.

"As ready as I'll ever be," you laughed a little before Jen gave you a hug, proceeding to walk ahead of you into the church after the doors opened.

Now, it was your turn - your turn to walk along and have everyone's attention on you. Slowly, you took one step after the other - being sure not to trip. Your train brushed delicately along the carpeted floor as you walked.

Eventually, you arrived in front of the priest - and Michael. A loving smile was painted on his face as he took your hand in his, the both of you turning to face the priest.

As the priest began to speak, memories of you and Michael began running through your mind.

∞ ♡ ∞

"Hi," the boy who looked like a caramel god, greeted you - holding his hand out. You blushed a little and took his hand, shaking it in the process. "I'm Michael Jackson,"

"I can tell," you laughed, referring to the whole stage setup - ready for the evening performance. You had gotten the chance to have a personal meeting with Michael himself, and that was the best thing that had ever happened to you. "I'm (Y/N) (Y/LN)," you grinned shyly.

Michael chuckled, inhaling deeply.

"Well, Miss (Y/LN) - I have a feeling that you and I are going to be very good friends,"

∞ ♡ ∞

"And he saw you?!" Michael laughed as the two of you sat in the kitchen of his home - Neverland. Each of you had a bowl of ice cream, sharing funny moments, as well as ideas. Being Michael's good friend was the most magical experience you could have ever imagined.

"He did!" you laughed in response.

The two of you broke into giggles again before Michael settled down - staring at you intently.


"Nothing," he smiled a little. "You're just very-"

∞ ♡ ∞

"Beautiful," Michael completed his vows, making you snap out of your brief reverie. "And you'll always be beautiful to me,"

You smiled shyly before the priest concluded the ceremony, pronouncing the two of you - husband and wife.

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