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suffragette city - david bowie
if you only listen to one song off
this list, make it this one. it's a
felony that you don't listen to
bowie, so i'm giving you the song
that got me into his music. do it.

fell in love with a girl - the white stripes
good song to motivate you to get up and do
shit. it's less than two minutes and i tweaked
my neck listening to it once. don't tell anyone.

know your onion! - the shins
you can't go wrong with the shins.
that's it, that's the note.

big in japan - tom waits
this is the most experimental
one for you on this list. listen
with a grain of salt. tom waits
is big in japan. keep that in

dear god - xtc
give it a chance,
acosta. xtc hasn't
ever done anything
bad to you.

dance to the underground - radio 4
sounds like a song that should be in a
ferris bueller knock off. killer bass in the
beginning followed by a great guitar line.
i'm acting like i know what i'm talking
about. i don't, but i sound like i do, right?

sabotage - beastie boys
it's pure rage and beastie
boy yelling. really great for
scrubbing the shit off the
dishes at the end of the
night. past experience.

thirteen - big star
after beastie boys,
you need a cooldown.
this song is that cool-

hero takes a fall - the bangles
the best and only bangles song i
can stand.

psycho killer - talking heads
again, not a huge talking heads
guy, but if you're going to listen
to them, this is the song.

pretty in pink - the psychedelic furs
don't think less of me for liking a song
that was in a ringwald movie, but it's
kind of great. a non-depressing song about
suicide. can't go wrong.

what a wonderful world - joey ramone
a great rock spin on a classic. you're gonna
hate me for this one because i know how
much you like the original. you'll get over it.


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heavy metal drummer - wilco
inspired by pavement's 'cut your
hair'. i know you're weary of wilco,
but you like pavement, so give it a

andante, andante - abba
i just heard you roll your
eyes. don't you dare skip this
one. i'm slowly easing you
into abba. get it? andante?
slowly? i'm funny.

paper thin walls - modest mouse
i found this song when i went to long
island two years ago for one of jacob's
football tournaments. there was a
record store that i stayed in the entire
time and they kept playing this song.
i'm not always a modest mouse girl,
but this one's worth it.

i wanna be sedated - ramones
this song makes me feel like i'm
julia stiles being pursued by heath
ledger. riding with my windows
down and running down children
who get in my way. maybe not that.
i just like the ramones.

love burns - black rebel motorcycle
i saw them live in massachusetts last
year. easily one of the best shows i've ever
been to. i get depressed every time i hear
this song because i think of the concert.
not sure why i put this on here now.

karma police - radiohead
it's radiohead. you will listen
and you will like it.

africa - toto
i don't care
how much you
make fun of
this song, it's a
classic and you're
a bitch if you
don't like it.

bright future in sales - fountains of
they don't just sing stacy's mom, mariano.
if i had a band, this would be the first song
we'd learn. it's actually good.

jaqueline - franz ferdinand
if you can get past the first forty
seconds, you're golden. if you
want to talk underrated bands,
these guys are the kings.

the weakest shade of blue - pernice
you might not be a pop guy, but you'll get
over yourself.

where is my mind? - pixies
good closing song. slow but has
that soft rock feel. you can cry
about your miserable existence
while refilling the salt shakers.
cry bitch, cry.

there is a light that never goes out - the
i. love. the. smiths. they don't seem like your
speed but i don't give a damn. have fun.


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author's note: i hardly ever separate my playlists from my introductions but this one was different. music is so integral to the gilmore girls world and important to this story that i felt that i had to do something special. also this took me for-fucking-ever because i had to choose songs that fit jess and marley individually that came out before 2004, which is difficult with my current music taste. but i happened to find some bops and i'm rambling so i'll stop

but yeah you can find these playlists on my spotify, i'm going to try to find a way to link them, but until then, they're under the playlist names j's and m's on my account @maggiepedone !!

love you all tons!

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