Chapter 2

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Sorry it took so long to post this chapter. Majority of it was written but I couldn't type for like three days y'all. I had a really bad allergic reaction to nail glue (which is weird because I ALWAYS have my nails done) and my fingers swelled up like sausages and I broke out in hives. I'm doing better though. The swelling in my fingers went enough so I could type the rest of this chapter. 

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With Passion gone, I had the whole house to myself to do what I wanted

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With Passion gone, I had the whole house to myself to do what I wanted. And since Karma was coming over tonight, we didn't have to hide what we were doing. I hate lying to Passion about what I'm up to with Karma, but it's the way I've been keeping a roof over our heads since I got out. Nobody wants to hire an ex-felon, so I gotta do what I gotta do to survive, even if it's not morally right.

I pulled the front door open for my baby mama Karma and damn did she look good. She stood in front of me wearing one of the simplest outfits, which was an all black dress and them fury slides girls be wearing, but she looked good to me. The dress was a little see through under the porch light and what she had underneath left nothing to the visible eye. She didn't have on a bra, so I could see everything Karma had to offer, including her n*pples that were poking through her thin dress.

"What's up?" I asked as I pulled her into a tight hug.

Karma slipped her arms around my neck, pulling me closer to her, probably on purpose. I know she probably got some feelings for me and I probably shouldn't have done her the way I did, but I couldn't help but to take advantage of what Karma was throwing my way when I was locked up. Passion wasn't willing to compromise and give me my way while I was locked up, but Karma was. 

I had Passion and Karma alternating visitation days so the two of them wouldn't run into each other. I was spitting Karma some wack ass game while I was locked up, but she fell for it and I just so happened to fall in her p*ssy. Shit. I wasn't trying to but it happened in one of the prison bathrooms early one Sunday morning. The two of us were too caught up in the moment to even think about using protection, then two months later, I get a call from her telling me she's pregnant with my seed.

I didn't believe the baby was mine at first since Karma's known for fucking on multiple niggas at one time. I mean, she's got a few baby daddies as it is, so I just figured it was some other nigga. But the DNA test proved other wise. So, instead of trying to clear my name off the potential father list, I ended up having to add my name to the list of all of her baby daddies.

"You smell so good baby," she whispered against my neck. "If I didn't have a boyfriend, you already know I'd be all over you."

I chuckled as I pulled away from her, taking a step back. "I know you ain't fucking with that nigga like that though. He's a clown."

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