fun time~

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Detailed smut so if you dont like, dont read😐 enjoy!

Jake's POV:

Holy shit this is actually happening. I am about to be fucked by Dirk motherfucking Strider. Godzooks. I just met the guy too. But still....he's too hot to say no. "Dave's not here~ do you wanna-" before he could finish, I kissed him deeply. "You don't have to tell me twice~" I winked. Dirk's face flushed a deep red. He then shoved me lovingly on his bed and took off his shirt, revealing his nice, built, toned and sexy body. I blushed. Dirk seemed to notice cause soon enough he was pinned on top of me. He began to attack and abuse my neck with his soft lips and sucked on it until he found my 'sweet spot'. "Ah~! Dirk~" I moaned. I had to admit it was embarrassing. What? It was my first time! Anyways, Dirk smirked but kept on sucking that one part until it was a bright cherry red color. "There. That mark shows everyone that you are mine~" Dirk said, making me hard as a rock. I blushed a bright red when he saw my hard member- which seemed to set him off. He then began to rub my inner thighs slowly making his way to my...'area'. This bastard was teasing me! Oh golly he's gonna get it now.

Dirk's POV: (ha! Weren't expecting that were you?!)
God English was so hot. He was gorgeous. After I got done sucking on his neck, I began to rub his inner thigh slowly making my way up to his 'manhood', teasing him ever so slightly. "Diiiiiiiirk!!! Stop teasing me already~ and get to work~" Jake groaned seductively, wrapping his arms around me. I smirked and ducked my head down to the hem of his short shorts (that I love so much) and bit the top pulling it down teasing Jake again. "Dirk! Just take them off and fuck me until I cant walk anymore~!!!" Jake moaned. I then grabbed his shorts and ripped them off his legs, and ripped off any reamining clothes and took off mine. He smiled. "So beautiful..." I thought out loud making him blush. "What's the magic word~?" I teased. "Oh my god, Strider, FUCK ME DADDY~!" I smirked, and slapped his ass, extra hard. "AH! D-Dirk~! Ah~!" He moaned loudly. I slapped his ass harshly which made him moan louder. "What's my name~?" I asked. "D-Dirk?" Slap. "Ah~! Strider?" Slap. I could see Jake smirk. "Dirky~?" SLAP. "AH~!!!" I grabbed his member harshly, pumping him and hearing him moan.

And CLIFFHANGER!!! Dont worry I'll finish this in the next two parts or so. Suggestions for my other story: Militarystuck (DaveJohn)?


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