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"Kimora! Let's go before we're late!" This time, it was Caleb who was rushing me to come downstairs. He was taken us to school crack ass of dawn for this damn field trip to the forest. Jaxon couldn't pick me up because he decided to take his car to the location of the field trip last night. He didn't want to and I quote, "leave my beautiful car unsupervised at home. This car was a gift and I don't need anyone laying their bummy hands on my perfect car."

I will never understand some guys with their cars.

I jumped on the suitcase a few times and it finally closed. I quickly zipped it up. I grabbed my phone and portable charger.

We weren't supposed to bring electronics but, my Mom insisted on it in case something happened or I got lost. With Axel around and about, I obliged. Who knows what crazy scheme could come up next?

I made sure I grabbed a sweater to go over my pajamas. Since we'd be riding the bus for an hour, I thought I'd just stay in my pajamas. After I made sure I had everything, I headed to my parents' room.

"Hey, Mom. Dad." I shook them both and my Dad shuffled awake. "Ugh...  ¿Qué es, Kimora? (What is it, Kimora?)"

"I'm leaving for my trip. I just wanted to make sure to tell you guys." I smiled.

"Quand tu reviens le jour. (What day do you come back?)" My Mom grumbled still half asleep. They both always spoke their first languages when they woke up. 

"Monday morning. I'll see you all then." I gave them both a hug as they wished me for me to be safe. I quickly went to Matthew's room knowing he is already up, playing video games.

I shook my head. Very typical of him. "You do know it's 4 AM, right?"

He looked over his shoulder and rolled his eyes. "Who are you? Mom?"

"No. I'm your older sister who is leaving for a few days so give me my hug." I opened my arms and he sighed, getting up from his game and gave me a hug.

"Don't get eaten by an animal."

"Don't die from sleep deprivation."

He laughed before going back to his game. I left out of the house to meet Caleb outside. He stood by his car, tapping his foot impatiently. "It's about time you showed up."

"Sorry, I had trouble with my suitcase and I needed to say bye to everyone." I smiled innocently, placing my bags in the car with his help.

"You're lucky you're my best friend." He ruffled my hair before hopping into the driver's seat. I got into the passenger and we were off. I tried to take a nap but, sadly, the school is rather close to my house. Fellow senior tired students hung around the parking lot or stood in front of the bus anxiously waiting. Caleb and I decided to just stay in his car.

"So how's you and Lauren?" I asked.

He blushed, shaking his head. "We're just friends."

"Yeah okay." I rolled my eyes, not believing a word he said. I know very well he likes Lauren more than friends. "I'm too tired to argue with your lying ass, Mr. Weird." I shoved him playfully and he chuckled, pushing me back. Tyler's car pulled into the school parking lot. I watched as Jaxon got out of the car. He looked so cute even though he didn't look like he didn't get much sleep.

"The way you look at him is very interesting."

I broke my gaze away from Jaxon to look at Caleb. "What do you mean?"

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