Jonathan was long gone by the time Lilah awoke, he had more than likely left for the asylum hours ago. He wasn't one to be late. Stepping out of the bedroom and into the living room, she was unsurprised to find it empty, the only sign he had actually been in here was a mug that sat on the table. Lilah took a small breath; she was Jonathan Crane's property, as of last night it was certain. She was helpless to attempt to become anything other than someone's property. But, Jonathan Crane didn't seem to bother her. For as long as she could, as long as she kept him happy, she would be fine. Furrowing her brow slightly, Lilah stopped in her tracks- perhaps Thomas was right. Perhaps, in some sick, twisted way she really did love him, but that was insane. There was no way she could love a man like him. You're wrong, Lilah. Oh so very wrong. Touching her temple, Lilah closed her eyes, that voice so clear in her head. Although she knew it belonged to her, the voice seemed to be that of a stranger's. Usually, she was able to ignore it. To block it out of her head. However, lately, the voice seemed to be getting louder and louder. 

You love him. We both know that. Why else did we kiss him last night? Why else did we do all those dirty things for him last night? Hm? 

"Desperation." She whispered in return, "All I needed to do was to prove loyalty. That's it." Opening her eyes, she scanned the room to be sure no one was listening to her. 

Who are you trying to convince? We are the same person, after all. 

"Shut up." 

"And who would you be telling to shut up?" 

"I thought you would be at the asylum." Lilah said, turning her head to look at Jonathan who was standing in the doorway, holding the familiar briefcase that contained his burlap mask. 

"Who were you talking to?" He asked, raising his eyebrow slightly. 

"Not you." Why don't we tell him? Let him know just how much he's destroyed our mind. Closing her eyes once more, Lilah took a breath. There was something wrong with her. There was something that was hiding just under the surface, screaming to be set free. Whoever this woman was, Lilah didn't like her. When she opened her eyes again, Jonathan was only a few inches away from her, watching her with a curious, analytical expression. 

"You won't tell me?" 

Ooooh! He's so smart! And just look at those eyes. 

"No." Lilah answered averting her eyes from his. "And how are those boys I got you?" She asked in an attempt to change the subject. Jonathan shrugged, 

"They were... a lot thicker than anticipated. It took quite awhile to fully comprehend what I wanted them to do." He answered, tilting his head slightly, "Unfortunately..." He began, an irritated look on his face, "The Attorney I wanted killed still lives." 

"Who is it?" Maybe we can kill them? Lilah forced a smile, ignoring the voice. 

"Rachel Dawes. I'm quite sure you've heard of her. She's putting her nose in places they don't belong." He cooed. 

"I've heard of her. She's a friend of Bruce Wayne's." She mused, turning on her heel and stepping towards the table, Jonathan followed, "How is she still alive?" 

"This... masked vigilante. Goes by the name of Batman." He replied. Sounds like a freak who thinks every day is Halloween. 

"He could be dangerous." Lilah replied sternly. Jonathan shrugged, taking a few steps closer towards her, 

"I'm not scared of him." He replied in no more than a whisper, 

"You're not scared of anything." But we are. We're scared of what he's going to do when he finds out about Tommy! Maybe, we should tell him? Or maybe he's the jealous type? This is what happens when we try to protect friends. 

"Rumour has it this Batman has given Miss Dawes information about a Judge that your Stepfather had employed. If the police have a closer look at the drugs I've had smuggled in to make the Fear Gas, traces will lead back to me." he said serious, his fingers fumbling with the collar of her blouse. 

"Destroy the evidence." Lilah replied. Jonathan paused, her eyes meeting back to hers before falling back down to her collar, 

"That will cause quite a bit of suspicion." 

"But, it will take longer for Gordon to link back to you. We can get rid Rachel and then... we're free." She said. Murder and Arson? Sounds like fun! Jonathan grinned, making eye-contact with her,

"Tonight, you and I will go to the abandoned house I've been using to transport the drugs." He said.

"There's something I need to do first." Lilah murmured. She had to see Thomas, maybe he could fix her? Or at least help keep the voice silent. You want to get rid of me? Moving past him, Jonathan grabbed her arm,

"What would that be?" He asked. Lilah looked at him with a pleasant smile,

"Just a little shopping." She replied, "Don't you trust me?" How can you expect someone to trust you when you can't trust yourself? Jonathan kept quiet, his eyes locked onto hers before he reluctantly released her from his hold. She could tell by the look on his face that he didn't trust her.

"I do hope you remember our conversation last night." He mused. Lilah smiled,

"Of course." You want more don't you? You can't lie to me. Turning away from him, Lilah held her breath, maybe, after all this time she really was insane.

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