♡To Do It, Or Not?♡

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You made your way up to the roof of the building, your heart becoming heavy in your chest. People walked by you, but each and every one of them was unknowing of your intentions.

It wasn't just, as some would say, a bad day. It was more a bad life. Everything seemed suffocating, an oppressive box. You didn't want to do this anymore.

Who would? With no one to talk to, and always feeling tired - who wouldn't want to give up?

Once you had reached the top, you walked out onto the balcony that overlooked the, seemingly, tiny city below.

Cars zoomed across, appearing like little ants. At that point, several people down below had noticed your stance. Some called out to you, asking you to step back - and the others, well they couldn't have cared less.

You took a step onto the ledge, fists closed tightly. You were going to do it. The pain would only last for a second, and then it would all have been over. You had calculated it so well.

Everything you had ever loved was gone from the face of the earth, especially Michael Jackson. Now, there was nothing to live for.

Suddenly, just as you were about to jump, a voice stopped you.

"Don't, please," you turned around slowly to see...Michael. Your eyes widened, and you knew that he wasn't real because he had appeared to be holographic.

He was a spirit, aiming to save you - his soulmate.

"I'm done, Michael," you mumbled. "I don't want to do this anymore," you shook your head. "I can't,"

"You can. Look at how strong you are. You managed when people you loved left your life, you managed without me," Michael smiled sadly at you. "And as much as I, and the angels above, want you to come home - your work here on earth isn't done yet," he searched your eyes for an answer. "Please don't do it,"

You were in the middle now. One step away from life, and another step away from death.

Were you going to do it?

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