Chapter 9

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Hayden POV 8 years ago

I was getting married to Charlie today we've been together since we were 15 and I love him so much I was in Charlie and mine apartment as Lloyd came in as I laughed as he had a camera he's been recording everything since our engagement

"Listen Lloyd I love you but get out" I told him as he got out when Kadee, Sammi, Tammy walked in

"Man it's coming down, out there" Kadee told me as we looked outside to see the snow

"It doesn't matter because today is my wedding day" I told them as they smiled as my phone rang

"Hello, oh hey sweetheart what oh my god are you serious" I asked Charlie as he kept talking

"What happened" Tammy asked me as I hung up

"The ring bearer shoes came in the wrong size but Charlie told me not to worry about" I told them as they nodded

Irma came later on as she was doing my hair as I saw the cake deliver call us as I picked it up

"Hello what" I asked them as everyone looked at me

"The Guy delivering my cake got snowed in so he will be a couple of hours late" I told them as Kadee took my phone

"Look lets just get you ready you still have your venue" Kadee told me as I nodded

"Yeah I mean how much worse can it get" I told her as she smiled

It was two hours later when the priest called me now what he ended up over booking himself and had a funeral to do today

"Listen to me you bastard I lost my cake, my venue, and my ring bearer doesn't have any shoes don't quit on me now" I yelled at the phone but it hung up I was so beyond mad when I looked at everyone

"The weddings off" I told them as they all looked surprised

"Woah I know things aren't gonna great but you can't just cancel" Kadee told me as I locked myself in the bathroom and took a bag of pretzels

I was in the bathroom for thirty minutes as I was eating pretzels in the bathtub as I heard a knock

"I told you I'm not changing my mind" I yelled at the door

"Not even for me" I heard Charlie ask as I sat up and went unlock the door

"So your gonna cancel like that" Charlie asked me as we sat in the tub

"Charlie today has been the worst day ever I thought our wedding day would be magical but I lost the priest, the cake, the venue, the band, half of the guest are snowed in I guess this is the universe telling us we shouldn't get married" I told him as he pulled me to his chest

"Listen Haydee I know today's been crappy but thats Just marriage I want to be married to you I love you and we don't need a cake, and band for that I'd get married to you at a bus stop for Pete's sake" he told me as I laughed

"Oh sweetie that's sweet but we're not getting married at a bus stop" I told him as he kissed my head

"Look we I got the cake" he told me as I looked at him

"You went all the way to New Jersey for me" I asked him as he nodded

"I'll go to the moon to make you happy" he told me as I kissed him and we stood up

"It's really pretty out there I bet we can hang up some lights and have an outdoor wedding" he told me as I smiled

"Ok the wedding is back on wait what about the priest"

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