Chapter 8

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Ok so this chapter uses knock off names like Netflick, and Normal things. But the animes stay the same cuz she was too lazy to fix them-editor 

(Keith's POV)

 After taken in the news my brother told me, I went outside for a run. My earbuds into my IPod. I was listening to "Colors" by flow.

  Pidge was the biggest weeb I knew, she was the one who showed the song, and some other weeb stuff like, "Doki Doki LC", "Sailor moon", "Naruto", one of my favorites "Yuri!!! On ice", and "Love stage". These aren't even all of them. She loved... Yaoi yoai.. One of those two. Then I see my house. I run to the door. I was taking deep breaths 

"Your back!" Shiro pats my sweaty back

"It wasn't a nightmare, you adopted Pidge... SOMEONE PINCH TO BE SURE!" I lean against the wall, gasping for air. Pidge runs up to me and pinches me 

"Owwwww" I rube my arm "this can't be happening!" 

"Oh it sure is uncle Keith!" Pidge chuckles 

"Don't" I flick up my pocket knife to her neck 

"The hell? When did you have that?" Pidge holds the knife back

"I always keep one on me" I smirk and close the knife 

"Ok, ok, enough bonding" Adam picks up Pidge and moves her to her room. Shiro takes me and picks me up and moves me to my room.

"Why are we here?" Shiro lowered me. I stand in my doorway 

"You, sir, have been gone for 5 hours, running." Shiro pointed to the clock. It read 12:00

"I may, or may not went to the city and had a Starbucks..."

"Your lying"

"Ok,ok I was running then I went to my secret place, the ran back home.."


"I was stressed after hearing I was an uncle, I'm to young Shiro"

"Oh, but Keith.."

"No buts Shiro now leave"I point to the door walk into my room and shut the door. "I can finally take a shower now" I take off my shirt and my pants. I turn on the TV. I put on Netflick and watch the newest episode of Normal stuff. I take off my boxers and head to my bathroom and I pause my show.

\\After the shower//

I walked out of the shower and put on my towel. I dry myself off pretty fast. I shake my hair like a cat. I exit my bathroom. 

"Oh yeah, Netflick" I un pause my show. I change into my pajamas. It was cat onesie. (Did I spell that right? Lol) I sat on my bed for a good 1 hour watching Netflick as I eat the left over cup of ramen and cookies I had in my room. Shiro had called us down for dinner. I ignored it and continued to watch my show. I was just about finish the last episode in season 2. 12 was gonna confess to Michelle. I shipped them SOOOOO much. 

'Knock knock' 

"Hm? Who is it?"


"Come in"

"Ok, Keith I-" she enters the room but I gesture to jump on the bed "heh" she smiles and jumps on next to me. I pushed her close. 

"We're family now, I must respect you." I ruffle her hair a bit. 

"Pfftt, uncle"

"Well, now this feels weird.." 

"Yeah" she pulls away from our family hug. "So, your almost done? I won't spoil it." 

"One spoiler Pidge, just one.." 

"Fine, 12 and Michelle kiss" she jumps off the bed "bye!" She darts 

"T-they do?!" I fanboy. 

End of the filler! YAYAYAAY MY FIRST ONE!

Word count: 626 

Ok so yeah, WHOOP WHOOP! I AM NOT DEAD! Lol, also don't be afraid to comment and vote. It's nice reading the comments sometimes

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