Chapter 22 - 15:50 Los Angeles, USA

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Date: April 12th 2018
Time: 14:50pm
Location: Louis' Mansion

Here is part 5 of the character Q&A.
Hope you enjoy😇

From @paulshair
Q: So when's your wedding with Louis?

A: Oh wow I'm haha I um...I don't know you'll have to ask Louis haha.

From @peterinneverland
Q: Do you really like Louis? Would you consider dating him despite him being Liam's best friend?

A: If I am to be honest I more than like him. I know it may be to soon but I've never felt like this towards anyone. That being said, yes I would date despite his relations with Liam.

From @Drewbq711
Q: Harry are you gonna get fucked so hard that you should have a baby in you?

A: Well that's an inappropriate comment. Rephrase that then maybe I'll answer, love.

From @AnonymousRoadkill
Q: Why do you like Harry so much?

A: Wow okay, I was not expecting that. I really don't know. Like it's hard to explain, I feel some sort of way towards him that I've never felt with other omegas. It's like this strange pull, he draws me in. It's really hard to explain.Trust me, I myself am trying to figure that out.

If you guys have any other questions for the characters please don't hesitate to ask here. Next chapter there will be more 😝


The latter under the covers beside the young agent shifted up quickly to place a gentle hand upon the agent's tense shoulder. "I mean, fuck-" Louis felt stupid for blurting out the truth the way he did. God he was so blunt about it, it seemed so casual but what else was he to do? As much as he liked Harry, the one thing he disliked was how he pesky he could be at times.

"Liam is going to kill me."He said as he pinched his nose and rubbed the hard bone of it in a way to calm himself down. "They fell in love, Harry. That night at the party...they slept together and Liam knotted him and-"

"KNOTTED? ZAYN LET OUR UNSUB FREAKING KNOT HIM?" Harry shouted out like it was some devastating news of his dog dying or worse, his mother. "HE'S HIGHLY TRAINED! HE'S A-A PROFESSIONAL!! HE COULDN'T-NO HE-"

Louis tore his two fingers off the bridge of his nose and sat up against the headboard to look Harry in the eyes, so he could be solely honest with him since he hadn't been in the short time he had known him. He admitted other big things to him but not once did he mention Zayn's mistake. "He did, Harry...and no offense, love but aren't you specially trained yet here you are sleeping with me, the enemy?"

Harry's mouth opened wide like he ignored Louis' plea of "No offense" and instead took great offense to his honest true words. Like, okay yeah, he was totally going against all his rules and shit but like—he-he—wait—He hadn't an excuse to come up with.

It's not like Louis kidnapped him and raped him. Harry allowed him to fuck him senseless to the point he had lost more than his virginity. He lost all his innocence to Louis willingly and he was damn proud of it. The sex was amazing! he just couldn't stop letting Louis fuck him. So to deny Louis' factual statement would really make him look like a complete fool but Harry didn't quite understand that really, he was to shocked to even think twice about it.

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