What He Thinks After The Break Up

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Two weeks after the breakup...
You also haven't seen him during that time because... It was too painful to even think about him...


Out of all the horrible things he's done in the past, this was to the most terrible thing he'd ever done. He yelled at you, basically telling you to leave him alone in a very meaningful way.

He felt like shit, and he refused to let interviewers give him an interview.

As he swims around, all he could think about was you and all the memories you shared.

When you first met, when you first kiss, when he had you in his arms. Those memories have haunted him since you left him. It hurts him so bad that he goes underwater just to cry, he doesn't want others to see him in that state.

He knew he messed up, he also knows that you might not come back.


Regret, guilt, sadness, heartbroken Doctor felt all those things because as soon as you left the room. The researcher said into the mic that you wanted to be resigned to another SCP.

His heart broke at those words and ever since you haven't seen him, he would silently cry in his cell. The pain in his chest was too painful that even he can't cure.

He knew you didn't want to see him, but it's hurting him too much knowing that he can't see you.

He misses kissing you, holding your hand, hugging you, and cuddling with you at night. The warmth he felt in his heart was gone and was replaced the empty abyss.


Shadow was nothing but heartbroken and angry at himself for what he did. He never wanted to hurt you, but he almost did.

He found out what he did to you the next day when he had an interview and the interviewer told him what he did to you.

At first, he didn't believe it because he has no memory of it, but he soon did when you stop seeing him.

He punched the walls in his cell as tears roll down his cheeks. All he could do is cry.

He misses you very much, he misses the things you did together. If he would give anything to have it all back, to have you back.


After you left the room the researcher spoke into the mic saying you'll be resigning to another SCP. Glitch heard him and he felt something stabbed in his chest.

He refused to talk since he knew he fucked it up with you. He doesn't know exactly why he acted that way especially towards you.

And now because of him, he may not ever see you again.

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