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You waited patiently inside the doctor's office, fiddling with your fingers aimlessly. Suddenly, the door opened - making you turn your head slightly to see a female doctor walking in.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Jackson," she looked at you. "I have your results here with me,"

You had gotten a blood test taken, because you hadn't been feeling too well recently. And now, Dr. Simmons had your results with her - and you had to admit, you were a tiny bit nervous.

"Tell me," you sighed as she sat down across from you - a wide smile painted on her face.

"Well, Mrs. Jackson, it is my pleasure to inform you that you are pregnant,"

The words hit you like a ton of bricks, the feeling was overwhelming. You were extremely overjoyed, and you knew that Michael would be the same.

The two of you had always loved kids.

"Wow..." you mumbled as Dr. Simmons continued to study you. "Thank you...so much," you nodded at her, standing up.

Now all that was left to do, was to find a way to tell Michael.


After you had left the doctor's office - you made a beeline for Neverland. There was no other place you had wanted to be, besides home.

You rushed in through the front doors, where you were greeted by Carol. As you took off your coat, she ran forward to take it from you.

"Thank you," you smiled at her. "Uh...would you be able to tell me where Michael is?"

Carol nodded whilst folding your coat.

"Yes, ma'am - he's up in the studio,"

You gave her one last smile before making your way up the long staircase. With each step, you thought about how the baby must've grown - and whether or not it was a boy or girl.

Eventually, you arrived at the studio door - which was closed; Michael always liked his privacy. You knocked twice, and shuffling could be heard from inside before the door opened.

"(Y/N)," Michael smiled lovingly at you, pulling you in for a kiss. "What's wrong?" he asked when he saw tears suddenly streaming down your face.

Damn it, you gave the game away!

Being pregnant made you so happy, that you were already crying.

"I....I..." you inhaled deeply as he kept his eyes on you. "I'm pregnant," you managed to smile.

Michael stood still for a moment before he let out a laugh.

"Seriously?" his eyes sparkled.

You nodded, and he instantly swept you off of your feet - bridal style. He carried you out of the studio, the two of you giggling uncontrollably.

"She's pregnant!" Michael yelled out to the staff happily once the two of you had reached the staircase. "We're going to be parents!"

The members of staff cheered and clapped as Michael brought his gaze to land on you again.

"I love you so much, Michael," you whispered before he kissed you.

"I'll always love you more, (Y/N),"

I know it sucked!
I'm sorry!
Lots of love! xxx

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