Chapter 11 The Titanic!

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Chapter 11

***Louis' POV***

Okay, maybe cooking carrots in the bathtub wasn't my best idea, but I might try it again. I thought my carrots tasted pretty good!

***Claudia's POV***

That carrot was disgusting! Never again!

"I'm hungry!" Louis whined.

'Wait, where's Niall?" Liam asked.

He did appear to be missing, so we went downstairs to get Louis food and see if Niall was in the kitchen.

"There's some mac & cheese on the table," I said, walking into the kitchen, "Oh, um, never mind, Niall ate it all."

Niall looked up guiltily from the now empty pot. I sighed and grabbed 2 slices of bread and slathered them with that weird peanut butter and jelly mix thing, then handed it to Louis. "Enjoy."

He ate it in about 5 seconds and then went to watch tv. We all followed, Niall still holding the pot and licking it. "Niall," I said and he slunk back into the kitchen and put it away. Liam walked over to the rack of movies, "You guys want to watch one?" He asked. We all nodded in agreement. "OOH OOH LET'S WATCH THE 'TITANIC'!" Louis screamed, putting it in the DVD player before anyone could object.

"Um, no, I'm good. Been there, watched that, cried through the whole thing. Good night,' I said and attempted to leave, but Harry grabbed me and sat me down between him and Zayn.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll protect you," Harry said, flashing me a cheeky grin and winking.

Oh my God, my heart is as mushy as oatmeal! I've heard he's a flirt in general, but is this more personal? Does HARRY STYLES have a crush on me? Based on the glare that Zayn's giving him makes me think that might be true...I snuggled into Zayn to make him stop trying to shoot daggers with his eyes at Harry and just in case play hard to get. Did Harry look insulted, or was it just my imagination? STOP THINKING CLAUD! I didn't have much time to dwell on it, anyway, because the movie started.

Louis was sitting right in front of the tv, on the floor, "SHUT UP! IT'S STARTING!!!" He screamed, even though no one was talking.

We had all seen it before, but that doesn't make it any less sad and suspenseful. When Jack got the tickets to go on the Titanic, I wanted to scream. Apparently, so did Louis. "NO! NO!  Don't get on  the boat! You're gonna DIE!" He screamed.

After Louis shut up, everybody started drifting off to sleep until it was just Harry, Louis, and I that were awake. I was nodding off, too, when Harry put his arm around me. I think I did a pretty good job remaining calm, but on the inside I was totally fangirling. Even though I'm not a fangirl. Haha. There'd be no sleeping now.

I snuggled into him, keeping with the mood. The movie had reached the point where the boat hits the iceberg, and I started crying like it was me on that boat.

"Aw, babe, why are you crying?" Harry asked.

"I-it's j-just sooo saaad!" I sobbed. Oh my gosh, I'm pathetic. Way to go for a good first impression. I haven't even been here a full day and I've already cried multiple times.

"Don't worry, it's just a movie."

I sighed, "I'm not usually this weak. I haven't cried in forever, but lately it all seems to be coming out."

"You shouldn't keep things so bottled up, love."

"I know. It's just that when I was basically holding up the family, I didn't have a choice but to be strong."

"But you're not holding up the family anymore."

"I know it' just..just..," I trailed off.

"Just what?"

"It's just going to take some getting used to, that's all." 

The whole time we were speaking our heads were moving closer and closer together until our lips were nearly touching. I could feel his warm breath on my face. 

Author's Note

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