Chapter 21

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I struggled to breathe as the pain in my abdomen was burning through my body. I gripped my swollen stomach in pain, dear god this baby was coming now. I groaned and put a hand on the bathtub rim. I was barely able to tug myself up, my lower back hit the side and I pushed up to sit on it. I attempted to breathe normally but was failing miserably. I gasped as a warm substance drip down my legs. I leaned forward and looked over my stomach only to be met with bright red blood. I cried out for help and tried to remove my shorts.

Once everything was off except for my shirt I leaned back into the bathtub. This baby was coming now, and I didn't know what to do.


I looked up and saw Katara standing in the doorway, she was just as disheveled as I was, except less pregnant. She looked panicked and in shock, her mouth was gaped open and all she was doing was looking at the scene in front of her. Three dead bodies laying on the floor which is wet and the water level rising and me in the bathtub blood on the sides. 

"Help me," I barely whisper, my energy being spent dealing with the pain.  My head ducks down as I try to hide my scream again, instead it comes through my clenched jaws. 

"Put your head back, spread your legs for me." Katara rushed over to me collapsing on the floor and opening my legs for me. I leaned back into the tub, panting while my sweat covered my skin creating a sticky film.  "Maven, I need you to listen to me. Your need to tuck your chin into your chest and push when I tell you too. This baby is coming now."

"Where is Brewer?" I cry out, my hands cupped my forehead smearing my blood across it. 

"They are still attacking, He's out there fighting. He'll be back soon don't worry.

I nodded as Katara told me to push, my screams were no match for the battle that was occurring outside the castle walls.  I felt my body being ripped apart as the child came, Katara through her effort and hard work had my blood on her apron and her arms. My screams filled the bathroom, not epidural, no doctor nothing. Although natural childbirth wasn't unheard of I never imagined myself partaking in that. Katara's constant encouragement and soft soothing words where the contender of my birthing process. 

"Maven," Katara held a bundle in her apron, my head hit the back of the tub. Naked, covered in sweat, blood, and water all I wanted was to see my child. I lifted my limp arms and she shushed the crying baby, laying it on my bare chest. 

"You have a beautiful daughter," She sat back on her legs. A small smiled filled her face as she looked at the work she has done.

"Katara, thank you," I gave her a small smile, and held my baby in my arms. She was covered in blood and her own fluids yet she was the most gorgeous thing I have ever set eyes on. She had dark brown eyes, so dark and so big I could see the entire world in them. Her skin was soft and her lips perfectly plump. Her nose was small and button shaped. 

"What is her name?" Katara asked, lifting her from me to wash her off. 

"Remington, Remington Theo Brewer." I smiled from the tub, although it looked like quite the murder scene, bloody hand prints on the wall and smears of blood everywhere in the tub and around it. 

"Let me get you a robe, we need to go. You and Remy aren't safe here." Katara left with Remy and came back with a fluffy robe and the child bundled into a soft blanket. I pulled myself up and although I was disgustingly dirty I slipped the robe on without complaining, there was always washers. Katara helped me over the tubs rim and helped me through the wallways, all of which were trashed. A few bodies here and there lined the floors, I hid Remy's face from the world facing her into my chest. 

Katara  led me to stairs of which she had to help me on every step. I was led to a metal door and she hid the lock opening it. Once I was ushered in the metal door closed, making a woosh of wind encamps the room. I looked around, It was bunkerish. The steel bunk beds has small mattresses with green blankets. Although the walls were still castle-ish but in a smooth uniform brick order. The air was chilly so I moved as quickly as I could with Remy and Katara's help to one of the bunk beds. 

"Can you push another bed together that way it will be bigger and we will have more room to move." I ask Katara as I collapsed on one of the bunk beds, Remy started to cry and I attempted to comfort her. I leaned against the wall and tried to keep my composure. 

"It's okay, Maven."  Katara put her hand on my shoulder trying to consolidate me.

"I stink, I'm covered in blood, and I'm so tired. I just want Brewer." I cried, holding Remington to me. Her soft heart beat calmed me down. I just wanted Remy to be safe, and with her father she was. But I had no Idea what was going on out there, I could barely breathe in here. 

"Maven, give me Remy and take a nap, you need it. Everything will be fine once you wake up." Katara lifted Remy from my arms but I couldn't let go.

"No, I can't loose her. I gave birth in a bathtub, with no morphine. I'm not gonna let her go." Katara nodded and let her go, She grabbed another blanket off a different bed. I laid down in the bed I was on and put Remy on my chest, luckily she had fallen asleep. Katara draped the blanket over me and wiped my fore head with a clean spot on her apron. "Katara, I'm sorry. I love him, and if that means that I won't kill him then I won't," I whispered, my head leaning back on the pillows, my eyes strained to stay open. 

"I will follow you to the end of the world, my Queen." Katara whispered back as my eyes shut softly, yearning for rest. 

Soft infant cries filled my ears as I woke, my arms stretched out and pulled Remy closer to she shushing her. I opened my eyes to find I was still in the bunker, Sitting up slowly I picked up Remy and rocked her in my arms. I leaned into the back wall and fed Remy looking around to see where Katara was. She was sleeping on her own bunk wrapped in blankets. 

How long was I out for? I looked at Remy's face and smiled at her soft skin and adorable face. 

Knocks sounded at the metal door. I looked up but held Remy closer to me to protect her from whatever was there. 

"Maven!" Brewer called out banging on the door. 

"Brewer!" I Screamed, setting Remy on the bed and running toward the door. My yells woke up Katara who joined me and unlocked the door for me, as the final click sounded Brewer slammed it open and grabbed me. Holding myself to his body he hid his face in my neck smelling my scent. 

"Oh Maven, as soon as the battle ended I ran up to the bathroom and saw the blood everywhere and the broken pipe. I was so scared, so scared they had gotten you." He kissed my lips and looked at me, his smile soon turned into a frown. "Are you okay?" 

I smiled and turned to Katara who held Remy out to me. Carefully I picked her up and moved her to my chest, Brewer stood in shock of seeing his daughter for the first time. The small grin on his face grew wider and wider the more he looked at her. 

"Her name is Remington, Remington Theo." I whispered, Brewer took her from my arms and held her in his own, his rough fingers delicately skimming over her face. 

"She's beautiful,.. Are you okay My love?" He asked me moving one arm to cover my shoulders. I smiled at his nickname and moved to open the blankets opening for Remy's face. 

"Katara took care of me and helped me deliver, I think I just need a doctors visit, as does this little one." I put my head on his shoulder. "How long were we here?" 

"Overnight, it's 11 right now. Let's get you upstairs and taken care of."

I regained enough strength to climb up the stairs by myself as Brewer carried Remy. Brewer showed me to a new bathroom and Katara got to work on bathing me. Brewer had taken Remy to our new, non-destroyed room and called the doctor to come over as soon as convenient. 

Katara was silent, almost as if she has experienced the same thing before. I could only think, maybe she did. With Brewers previous wife...

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