Hi Guys!

So it has come to my attention that somehow, someone has been posting 'Backstage' on Instagram. I have no idea how that is even possible as I thought that was a site where you posted pictures but many of you have said it is so. Therefore I am sorry to announce that we will not be uploading any more until this person has been seen to. I have no account name or link to this person so it may take a while. However some of you know who it is so can someone please notify me!

We haven't even got to the main plot of the story yet, so Backstage will just be redeemed unfinished if we can not conclude this. I know that this may be annoying as it has been nearly a month since we last uploaded but you must understand how we feel; we have invested many hours of time and effort into writing this story and the fact that someone has just stolen it is really upsetting (however silly that may sound). I am incredibly sorry to all you loyal fans but this is plagiarism, which is technically a crime, and if we're not uploading they can't either.

Again, I am so sorry and if anyone can help please message me and then we can get back to the lives of Harry and Alicia!

I hope you will all understand.

~Love MeggieEggie account owners.



Just made an account, my instagram name is: meggieeggie429


- I will keep updating this page so that you all know what's going on in the current situation!

31/7/12 - I have 4 names of people who have stolen it, I will post them as soon as I have made sure that they definitely have.

1/8/12 (I can't believe it's August, where has the time gone?!) - So due to the amazing followers I now have instagram they have managed to stop one person whilst I was asleep! Therefore im not going to name her as she obliged to deleting it however there are still 3 more accounts which will need to be seen to before we continue to upload! I would like to Thank everyone on Instagram who was involved in this!

-Okay so we have managed to stop two people now! If you look to the picture on the right you can see that they used the excuse of school to no longer carry on writing... Um like I said on Instagram we both have jobs, go to school and are doing our GCSE's. Imagine how we're feeling! I'm sorry if some of you are finding this bitchy (I am a really sarcastic person when it comes to 'fights') but you don't understand how annoying this is! We go out of our way to do this and we could easliy just stop but I don't think that's fair as we at least need to give you guys a story with an ending! So thanks for the support on here and Instagram (still trying to figure out how to use it...) 

3/8/12- Hey Guys! Are any of you actually going back and reading this??...So I think we've stopped everyone now! Thank you so much to everyone who helped, ecspecially everyone on Instagram! You guys who helped in spirit (don't think I haven't seen all your comments and messages) I would just like to say I can't believe how much support we have from you all. You could have easily just been like 'Screw this!' and found a different fanfic to read but no you're still here and we appreciate that immensely! I wish I could thank you all individualy, maybe I will when I get a free minute, but even if I can't I will name everyone who has helped or sent us encouraging/sympathetic messages on here! Some of your comments made me laugh and I really didnt knwo how dedicated some of you were! 

There is a slim chance that the people who stole it are reading this right now, they would've had to have to copied the rest of it, but I just want to let you know that I hope you feel really embarrassed and ashamed about what you did. You must have freaked when all of our AMAZING fans started coming for you! You even blocked some of them on Instagram (sorry if that was you). So basically I hope you enjoyed your moment of "glory" as I doubt it'll happen again.


If you do follow me on Instagram you will see that I have begun to put sneek peeks of the chapter on there, I think I might carry this on for each chapter so that you kind of know what's going to happen in it! What do you think?


So we've stopped them, I guess you all know what that means...

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