37| Seeing Real.

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37| Seeing Real.

Luke had been undergoing surgery for nearly nine hours now, Annie had already bitten off all her nails- which her mother wouldn't be too pleased about- and was debating whether or not to ask Ashton for his.

She wouldn't of asked anyway, she didn't want to wake the boy who's head was in her lap. She felt a little uncomfortable but she didn't have the heart nor the strength to move him off of her.

The receptionist, Julie, told them it was nothing to worry about, that because of his condition it was bound to take longer than normal.

Annie would nod along, wrapping the jacket which Ashton let her borrow around her shoulders as she curled up in the chair, waiting.

At eleven hours, the doors opened and Katie came out, rubbing at her tired eyes as she beckoned the two in, a satisfied smile on her lips.

"He's ready." She beamed, closing the door behind them as they saw Luke stirring from his slumber. The room smelled disgusting, like burning flesh and antibiotics.

Annie and Ashton stood at the end of the operation bed, standing like worried parents as they watched over Luke.

Katie sat in the chair to the left, rummaging through a cupboard to find glasses that would fit him correctly. Luke let out a shaky breath, his eyes flicking open and stinging with such intense burns.

"Is it done?" He asked, his hand reaching up to take off the bandage over his eyes.

"Woaw! Not yet, sweetie, let me get you're glasses ready first," Katie chuckled, thinking his eagerness was cute.

She wiped the glasses clean, placing them over the bandages around his eyes before her fingers fiddled with the material by his ears.

"Are you ready? You remember everything I told you?" Katie commented, needing to check everything before continuing.

"Yeah, I'm ready." He gulped, his grip tightening on the bed sheets as she started to unravel the bandages.

Luke blinked his eyes open, everything not completely black. He could see the out line of the lights, the ceiling, the bed he was in, the woman above him.

He thought Annie said she was tanned but this girl looked quite fair, maybe he wasn't listening right. He reached a hand up, touching her cheek and watching as she chuckled and shuffled back.

She nodded her head to in front of him, to the girl and the boy stood above him. His eyes widened, probably to the point it was alarming as he shuffled up the bed.

"Woaw..." he mumbled, scrambling out of the bed and standing in front of the girl, actually looking down at her beautiful face. "Hi," he muttered, his hands reaching up to her cheeks and brushing them with his thumbs.

"Hi," she whispered back, swallowing thickly as she noticed his eyes scanning every inch, every imperfection and slight makeup on her wonderful face.

She felt as though she was looking at him for the first time, she was seeing the real Luke, no longer seeing blind.

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