Jean Matthews' a Flirt

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"We aren't going to worry about shoes right now. I'm surprised we could even get the shirt on." She commented.

Well, thanks (Sarcasm). Not caring anymore, I nodded. Everything in Dauntless is spotless, anyway, believe it or not. She walked over to a desk, making her back face Eric and I. Moving back a bit, I had grabbed his attention, unintentionally, instead of staring at his precious Jean. Yeah, they have a thing.

They have to. So, I don't.. I don't need to get involved with it. None of my business. He's off the market. He stared back at me with confusion in his beautiful eyes whilst I just looked at the ground.

"You aren't going to have to work for a week, but if you don't work anymore, we have no choice but to make you Factionless. So, you better get better soon." She said, bluntly.

Bitch. Nonetheless, though, I nodded my head, biting my tongue back. I just kept staring at the ground.

"Great! Now, here is a marker and a board. You can communicate with that." She added, handing me a white board with a black marker that had a small eraser on the top of it.

"Anything you want to say?" She asked, curiously.

I could think of a lot of things to say to you, right now, but.. I shouldn't be that rude. I should respect that she's Eric's girlfriend... I guess.

'Where's Four?' I wrote on the board, showing it to her.

Eric leaned forward a bit to read the board as well.

"He's training the last of the Initiates." Eric informed me.

I erased the past note with the end of the shirt.

'Can I go see him? I miss him.' I added "I miss him" just to see if it bothered Eric, even if it's the slightest.

"No, he's busy, (Y/N). You know this." Eric said, irritated.

I rolled my eyes at his bossy tone. Looks like someone came out of their mother's womb on the wrong side. I erased the note from the board, using the end this time.

"Well, since that's it, I'll leave you to it, Eric." She said, looking at him with a bright smile before walking out of the room.

Can't forget to silently flirt with your boyfriend, I guess. I took a step forward, trying to contain my balance by myself.

"I'm right behind you if you fall." Eric whispered in my ear from behind.

Where were you all those lonely days? Where were you when.. when this happened then, Eric? Oh! Right! You were probably with her. I rolled my eye at the thought, slowly taking more steps away from the male, like I could actually walk by myself. I walked the whole way to the door, perfectly.

"I got it." Eric assured, opening the door for me like he a gentleman would do.

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