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Jesse punched the back cushion of the couch he was sitting in. It'd been five days since Tom had said he must tell Skye about his visits to his dad. He had two days left.

Another punch. He didn't want to tell her, she might say he couldn't go anymore, and he didn't want to hear that. Or she might get really mad; he didn't know what Skye did when she was really mad.

Jesse rubbed his hand across his stomach, it ached. The same way it used to hurt when he knew his dad would be angry and he knew that was stupid. Skye wasn't going to whale on him, that he knew for sure.

The springs in the couch groaned when he twisted and fell back on the cushions causing Skye to turn from the stove to him. "Jesse, you want to give that couch a break? It's not like we can easily buy another one cause you beat it to death."

His face turned from her, Jesse rolled his eyes and blew out a long sigh. "Ya just have to go to the neighbors and take one. No big deal."

"Well, how about we take care of the one we have."

"Yeah, whatever."

Out of the corner of his eye, Jesse saw Dylan and Skye exchange a look. Here we go! Jesse is there anything the matter? He parroted her words in his mind before she actually said them.


"I'm fine, geez! I get a little rough with the couch, and ya wanna have a session!"

"Ok, your right. That's unfair of me, not everything requires a heartfelt conversation, but if there's anything you need to discuss, you know you can," Skye said.

Jesse gritted his teeth as she talked, then was careful to speak in a measured tone. "Yes, I know."

There was another glance between the two of them before they went back to making dinner. Then from his chair in the corner of the living room, Wade cleared his throat and drew Jesse's attention to him. The man didn't say a word but raised an eyebrow at Jesse.

"Oh for-," Jess said before jumping up off the couch and going out the door, making sure that it slammed with just the right amount of force.

As he went, he heard Skye say, "Jesse! What? Wade, what did you do?"

With amusement in his voice, Wade answered her. "All I did was look at the kid."

Jesse hid out at the Doc's house overnight, sending word of his whereabouts through the men that kept the late watch to pass it on during their rounds. Over breakfast, he talked it over with Kelsey, who encouraged him to get the talk with Skye over with. The look she'd given him said he was getting way too worked up about it, and when she told him, he just needed to calm down, he finally got the message and headed home.

Wade was already gone when he got there, but Dylan and Skye were cleaning up after breakfast. Both offered hellos as he dragged his feet across the floor to them, waiting to see his mood.

He'd wanted to lead up to it nice and slow, be gentle in the way he said it. He'd thought of tons of different things to say but what came out was, "I've been seein' my dad, and I'm goin' to keep seein' him." Jesse winced as the words came out rough and mean, belligerent even.

What he'd been hoping for was phycologist Skye, calm and controlled. That is not what he got.


The words hit Skye like a punch to the stomach, and it took a moment for her to catch her breath. Her mind spun with his demand. Doesn't he realize all the work we've done? Can he not see that this is the worse possible thing he could do?

All her training forgotten, the therapist left, and the mother stayed.

Her words were quick. "No! No! Absolutely not!"

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